Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year's Greetings

The light sparkled around her, glitter and flashes of every color cascaded around.  The fairy pushed herself past the celebration and echoing music that pounded through the air.  Humans gathered in the streets, shouting and praising the festivities of the cultures new year.  The strange beings were everywhere and no one noticed the small fay that flew above the crowd. Just one more flash of glitter among them.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Falling into Troll Territory

The dust drifted up from the hole in the ground. Collapsing rock still fell, and as the dust swirled around them, they realized someone was missing.  Mavra had been standing on the earth that had swallowed him into its now gaping mouth.  The companions looked into the darkness and called for him, but no answer was returned.

The companions each looked at each other and knew what needed to be done.  Serral had the ability to spider climb naturally and Nimue was given the cloak with similar abilities not too long ago.  Together they made the treacherous decent into the darkness.  Searching around was almost futile as the dust that was kicked up made the low light vision that they both had, useless.  However, both of their hearing was exceptional and with little effort they were able to make out the sounds of dragging from an opening not too far from where they had landed.

"It would be unwise to continue on without the help if the others." Serral whispered.

Nimue nodded and with a quick scramble upward they were again with the other companions. Nimue looked grave. "I believe that Mavra is being dragged deeper into the underground.  We must hurry.  Ladarious, take the cloak, I will ride down on your back."

The lion man nodded his head and took the cloak from her.  With agility Nimue climbed unto his back and they carefully began their desent.  Serral looked upon the mage who in return lifted his hand.  "I can get down on my own." he offered and with a few components and several words Carmon floated down into the gaping earth. Serral climbed down on his own.

Once down the companions gazed into the tunnels that were absent of any light. Ladarious peered in and sighed, with a whisper he addressed his companions. "It would be better if I were to go alone at this point.  I can hide in the shadows much more easily that way."

"Very well," Carmon agreed. "But let us know the moment you are in any type of trouble."

The lion man nodded and disappeared into the darkness.  He worked his way through the tunnel that twisted downward.  The glow of a fire shining from beyond stopped him.  With silence and skill at hiding he snuck into the cavern to find no one was there.  However, a dragging sound was easily detected beyond the cavern and deep into another tunnel. With careful hesitation, Ladarious moved on, following the sound. Twisting down through the tunnel farther into the dark underground.  Soon enough he came to another opening and a green-grey smelly beast dragging it's feat on the stone floor.

Slowly the lion-man backed away, headed back to report what he had found.  Back up the tunnels he moved with feline grace, no sound coming from his steps.  To his silence, far up the tunnels the sounds of moving feet and shuffling armor grated like thunder down the halls.  He moved as quickly as possible in the darkness to reach the noise, staying hidden while he went.

When his companions came into view he ground his teeth to hold back a growl.  "The noise you make will be the death of us all." He whispered out of the darkness, startling his companions.

The mage placed an hand on his chest as his eyes widened. "Does he always do this?" Carmon asked.

"This is new to us as well." Answered Nimue in a whisper then turned to the lion man. "What have you found?"

"There is a creature up ahead.  Its stench is almost overpowering. It seemed more like the unkempt peasants of the great cities than anything belonging underground."

Carmon crossed his arms. "Was it's skin a greenish tinge?"


"Trolls.  Damn. They acceptional healers.  Does anyone have an adversity to fire, we will need to use it to defeat them."

"Serral can not be in fire's way." Nimue answered.

Carmon looked over the pale lord for a moment. "I expected as much from your kind."

Serral only nodded.

The companions pushed themselves on closer to the next cavern and in time came to meet it's mouth.  Carmon sighed with a whisper, "I have no magic for a fight, my studies have been devoted to divination."

Nimue came to stand next to him, letting the darkness of the tunnel shroud her from the troll's view. "Can you cause a distraction?"

"Yes, that I can do." He answered.

Ladarious moved without sound into the cavern, using the walls and stalagmites to cover his entrance.  He disappeared from view of the others as he headed to the right wall, behind some rubble and more stalagmites.

Carmon waved his arms methodically as he whispered an enchantment. A pinch of something rubbed between his fingers.  Light flashed at the far side of the cavern and two trolls came out from the stalagmites to inspect the disturbance.

Nimue made her way left to the other side of the cavern, being sure not to be heard or seen by the two trolls.  She had the Spider Climb cloak and knew of its special webbing power.  The trolls stood near a small fire, expecting that side of the cavern for the flash that had occurred. She shouted "Silcus" as she pointed to the green beasts and a sticky web sprayed out from the cloak, capturing one troll along with the fire beside it.  Instantly the webbing lit and covered the troll in flames, but as fast as the fires started, it was done consuming the webbing with it.

The blistered skin of the troll was plainly visible as the beast turned it's attention onto Nimue, who had her two swords out, ready for the fight.  At the same time an arrow flew into the second troll from the right side of the cavern. With an unnatural burst of speed, Ladarious jutted out from his hiding place, to slash open the troll, then was gone again, hidden by the stalagmites he had come from.

The first troll rushed to meet Nimue and with a slash she caught him in the chest with her sword, only to watch as the wound began to stitch itself together before her eyes.  His rushing movement and attack from her left the troll off balance and so his club swung wildly, to one side, unable to impact his target.

The second troll searched for it's attacker, even as its wounds healed themselves.  Ladarious was not sure how to defeat this creature so stayed back to reconsider his attack plan.

Nimue tried to get off another few hits from her blades, the tough skin of the troll causing her to loose balance and her long sword flew to the floor, far from her grasp.  The troll attacked with its elbow and grabbed her, threw her to the ground face first.  Only the rapier remained in her hand, the wind knocked out of her.

A familiar touch came from her left and a blazing flame engulfed the rapier.  The troll stumbled back by the sudden fire eyeing her warily.  Nimue was only stunned for a moment as she rose to her full height, using the enchanted bracers to call the long sword back to her.  She was ready to face the troll now, glancing for a moment at the image of Serral a few paces behind her, but she could feel him beside her, even if she could not see him there.

She swung her swords toward the beast again and slashed at him with her long sword, but the rapier missed as the troll cringed from it.  Again she slashed and again it cringed away.  Keeping its distance but not hitting her either.

Out from the shadows of the tunnel the companions had come from, came a kobal zombie, rushing to the second troll, attacking it and distracting it from Ladarious, who in turn began attacking the Troll as he came out from the shadows.

Mavra followed his zombie and held in his hand the fire staff that was given to him not days before.  He aimed it at the center of the room and shouted for the others to get out of the way.  The first troll, seeing the new comer, with what looked like an ornate stick and nothing else came rushing to Mavra as the others did as commanded.  The darkelf cast a fireball in the center of the room engulfing the first troll and singing the second.  Giving Ladarious enough room to finish off the second troll with a few clawed swipes at its throat.

When the ash settled and everyone was accounted for they each looked at Mavra, Serral asked. "Where were you, we came this way thinking you were dragged in here."

Mavra marveled at the staff in his hand for a moment before looking up at his companions.  "I was burried under the rubbled.  I had enough room to cast a zombie spell, it helped me out.  No one answered from above to my calls, so I traveled down the corridor, having my zombie go first, when I spotted you fighting, I figured I'd lend a had.  It's good I did.  How are we to get out of 'ere?"

"We go back the way we came.  This is not our destination, nor a good time to be sidetracked.  We need to reach my master."  Carmon answered.

"Indeed, let us head back the way we came." Serral said, heading back into the tunnel.

The others followed but Mavra was not convinced.  "How are we to climb out, I was not successful."

"Remember the cloak of spider climb, I still have it." Nimue said and continued on.

Together they made their way back into the cave in and with the help of Serral and the cloak they were all able to reach the surface once more.  To be back on their journey.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

World Building for Writers and Gamers

Each story has some type of world building, whether it be just creating a social system in a neighborhood, or creating an entire solar system plucked from your mind, as well as anything in between.  Each writer, or D&D DM needs to create the world in which the characters or players interact and grow.  It all starts with that.

In the novels I'm writing, I started with a few websites that I had found some valuable information, I have since, found other sites to tickle the imagination and exploration of worlds. I would like to share those with you.

Basilicus  I found this site intersesting for its star system and religion section

Building Guides

Some of these are still being worked on. More will be added and updated soon.

This next site is one of my favorites as I used it before I started writing my first book.
30 Days of World Building This site has things from cataclysms to character development.

For the D&D lover in me, and the fun it brings:
Cruinne's D&D Reading Room This one is great for games and writing
Things worlds have:
  1. Economy
  2. Government
    1. Crime & the Legal System
    2. Foreign Relations
    3. Politics
    4. War
  3. The Land
    1. Physical & Historical Features
    2. Climate & Geography
      1. Natural Resources
    3. Population
    4. Rural Factors
    5. Urban Factors
  4. Society & Culture
    1. Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation
      1. Architecture
    2. Calendar
    3. Daily Life
    4. Diet
      1. Dining Customs
    5. Education
    6. Ethics & Values
    7. Fashion & Dress
    8. History
    9. Language
      1. Gestures
    10. Manners
    11. Meeting & Greeting
    12. Religion & Philosophy
    13. Social Organization
    14. Specific Countries
    15. Visits
  5. Magic & Science
    1. Magic & Magicians
      1. Magic & Technology
      2. Rules of Magic
      3. Wizards
    2. Medicine
    3. Science & Technology
    4. Transportation & Communication
No one could forget everyones favorite go-to
They have almost anything you would need in each part of fantasy writing. 

And to add a few helpers I have E. F. Jace's Blog with info on Government and other writing help
as well as a side site Wold Building

I hope some if not all of this helps.  I know it worked for me and when I turn my world into a campaign for D&D I know I'll be using the sites much more. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Huntress and Her Prey

She waited, looking out over the pond between bushes.  She knew it would come again, the dragon always stopped here to take a sip before going off to where ever it was that dragons fly to.  She kept herself still as the whoosh of leathery wings stirred the otherwise calm air.

It was there, a small blue dragon with barely any spikes as of yet.  A male from what she could tell, the three horn crowned on his head showed her so. The small beach was wide enough for him to sit on as he lowered his head for the drink.

The huntress poised herself for the pounce, waiting for the right moment.  The dragon's musk filled her nostrils, turning her stomach.  She held in her growl as she crept closer.  He moved a bit, perhaps sensing her presence, or just getting a better tongue full of water, either way, time was up. She leaped from her hiding place, aiming true for his shoulders where the spikes had not yet grown in.

"What is this?" He roared as he reared back from the pond, unable to move around on the small beach.  He spread his wings and crouched to lift off the ground, but the huntress was one step ahead of him.  With his wings spread he was a better target.  She detracted her claws and let them rip through the thin membrane as she slid down the left side.  Quickly she rushed into the brush, hiding herself from his stomping feet.

He screamed as the blood from his wing rained down around her.  Carefully he folded it back in and turned around, looking for his attacker.   She hid, letting her striped body conceal her.  He opened his maw and aimed at where she had rushed into the foliage.

Dashing to her right, she was able to dodge the cone of cold being blasted where she had once stood.  The trees and bushes now frozen solid with ice. She winced at their pain, before moving farther right around the clearing.  The wing's blood dripping made a crinsom circle around him as he tisted back and forth searching for her.

"Where are you?" He screamed.  "I will find you!"  The huntress rolled her eyes at the comment she heard every time, and every time they did find her and they regretted it.

She eyed his soft spot, the loose scale on his neck.  She crawled low to the ground, creeping up behind him as he searched the frozen timbers for what he thought he would find.  His tail whipped back and forth, she had to leap away before the spikes on it impaled her.  The movement caught his eye and he twisted around, his neck still protected.

"What is this?" He asked eyeing her cautiously.  "A forbidden experiment of tiger and human?" He stated commenting on her hybrid from.

She did not answer but leaped up to his right wing to dig in her claws.  He roared and snapped his powerful jaws at her.  Just missing her ear as it flattened against her head.  She used her claws to grip him and climb up his body.  It was harder to climb the scales as they were polished and smooth.  With effort she reached up to his head. There she let herself slide down, letting gravity take her to the front of his neck.  The momentum allowed her to rip away the loose scale with her right hand claws, and with a quick lash out with her left she dug into the flesh, releasing his lifeblood into the pool.

Dropping down she went to escape but his talons trapped her, he pushed her onto her back and his clawed foot kept her trapped as if she were in a barred cage.  The blood flowed freely from his neck and with each movement, she could see his life leaking away.

His body dropped to the ground as he kept her captured.  He struggled to keep his strength but death was taking him.  He rolled over on his side, entering into the pond he visited so often.  There would be his grave.

The huntress rose to her feet, soaked in her prey's blood and looked over at the corpse she had defeated.  She smiled.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Elementals and Those That Slay Them

The earth elemental rose up from the platform, towering over the companions.  Mavra had dashed to the opening as an opponent hovered in the archway.  Serral had broken off from his blood-blade to assit the dark elf, only to find Ladarious rushing past to break Mavra's stride with a tackle to the floor.  Now the blood-blade, Nimue` stood alone against the earth itself.  She swung her enchanted long sword and rapier with a dance of blades, chipping off chunks of the element.  She did not know whether her efforts would come to fruition but she needed to try.

The foe in the door way dissapeared before Serral could attack it with the swarm of bats he had conjured.  He took a step to assist his fellow adventurers, but Mavra had all well in hand as he pushed up on the lion humanoid and with little effort Ladarious flew across the room.

With the shadow-like creature gone, the companions focused on the shambling rocks before them.  Nimue` took another dance of hits at the creature and Ladarious whacked it with his great fists.  It seemed to be working but the shadow-like creature had other plans for the group.  Popping up behind the blood-blade, it smashed the final elemental stone and out whirled a gust of air that formed a shape of a tornado.  Thwacking Nimue` in the head with a piece of stone that she had broken off of the Earth elemental.  The shadow-like creature shimmered away once again.

With a final blow, Ladarious' fist broke apart the earth to crumble at his feat.  However, now that the air elemental was released, the mound of rocks formed projectiles to the companions.  The wind began to surge and turn faster and faster.  Nimue` having bested the Water elemental not long before knew that her enchanted blades could affect it.  She took a swing with her long sword and connected with something, not solid, but more firm then the air around it.  Her rapier, however was to slow for the mini tornado and swung with the currents harmlessly.

Mavra worked the magic of the necromancer, summoning to him an undead kobold to help in the fight. Its small figure shooting an arrow out of it's cross bow. The air is an agile thing, however and it did not hit.

With a surge, the air picked up all of the companions.  Bats for Serral flew into each other.  Rocks and the kobold flew in the air.  With a sickening splat the kobold was no longer recognizable as it remained on the vaulted ceiling.  The companions were lifted as well, and were thrown across the room.  Serral and Mavra were able to land from the assault with little pain.  The lion-man and blood-blade were not so lucky as they sustain injuries, but they continued on, getting up to rejoin the fight.

It was then that the vampire lord, Serral Ven`tross called upon his goddess to aid them.  With arcane words, he summoned her revenge.  A ghostly figure shined like the moon in front of Serral.  The goddess' shimmering form let out a keening sound before it attacked the air elemental, and as the wind dispersed, so too did the vision.

Nimue` gave a nod at her blood-shield.  Again, even as they were parted, they had worked together to slay another foe.

Another great night of D&D with my friends.  That was a harrowing experience, and now we need to figure out how to leave the castle we have just defeated, when there is an army of orcs goblins and trolls waiting at the gate.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Old Oak and the Young Apple Tree

A short story inspired by old times at the YMCA camp and the loss of all those trees.

The wind whistled with the scent of her blossoms.  The old oak always admired the colors and scents of the lovely apple tree growing up the hill off the dirt road. He stood and observed from a distance, for more human generations than he cared to count.  Watching as the people and animals passed his way.  There was a scar of a heart with initials carved on his trunk. The scar came with the memories of childhood sweet hearts who spent their youth climbing his bows. Now the couple was wizened with age and came to him every few years to celebrate their times as children together.

The younger generations spent their time under the apple tree.  She would shower them with petals in the mid spring mornings or shelter them in the hot summer sun.  The old oak was still taller than her and held more limbs to climb and linger under, but she was in an ideal place for the young ones to look upon the land.

He watched and admired her as her dress of petals began to fall. The fullness of the summer leaves would spread wide in the summers light.  He watched as her visitors came to use her as cover for their picnics and moments of love.  He watched as her limbs became heavy with the growing of her apples and more came to see her, to pick of her fruit and thank her for the bounty. As late summer turned to Autumn, he watched as her leaves turned into yellow and gold. They would cascade in a shower of golden leaves around her, covering the hill in her beauty.  Then winter's grasp took over, and they would sleep the cold away, waiting to awaken to the spring.

Years passed as the old oak watched her.  He began to feel pain within his roots and trunk, but he could not move like the visitors of his limbs.  He could not walk away like the couples that came to the apple tree.  He spent several years feeling the pain within him, as it climbed slowly into his limbs.  He called for help, but no one could hear the screams of a tree.  His leaves began to brown, earlier and earlier each year.  Limbs would fall for no reason but that the wind blew slightly too hard.  He could no longer hold himself together.

Then the day came when the grandchildren of the couple that carved their initials in his trunk, arrived.  They were full grown now, and carrying the tools of man, the tools of destruction.  There was no escape from what he knew would be his end.  At that moment, he heard the cry of a young apple tree.  It wasn't the scream of pain that he had been making for several years now.  It was the cry of heart break.  He called out to her, his tired voice echoing hers in a crescendo of sound too high for any human to hear.  The animals around called out their voices joined in the mourning music of the trees as the machine of the men roared to life.
The oak tree's scream of heart break became the cry of pain once more as all else ceased to exist, but the pain that only man could bring.  Near the end, he could hear the apple tree calling out to him.  Her sweet song was echoed by the scent of her fruit.  She called to him and seemed to reach for him as the breeze passed through her limbs.  He called back to her once then fell to the ground, and then there was nothing.

Thanks for reading, part of FSSF  by Greenwoman 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cold Feet?

I am getting married tomorrow and was waiting for the cold feet to kick in. Still a no show.  They say it happens to everyone, I'm starting to wonder why? What exactly is cold feet? A worry of never being able to walk away? A thought of never being able to touch another as you touch your mate? A wonder if you will love that person as you love them now?  Wait, stop, hold the phone.  Okay, none of this makes any sense.  If you love the person enough to say yes when the ring was offered, or in the case of guys, love the girl enough to buy the ring.  What would make you think that you were going to get a chance with anyone else when you asked or said yes.  You pretty much sealed the deal then, now its just to make it public and legal.  So what is the issue?  If you love some one enough to pledge your undying love to them, why would you waiver?

So why does 'everyone' get cold feet? Why would they have doubts?  I was told once that, to have even a shadow of a doubt meant that it was not to be.  Why drag yourself through something if you have the doubt?  Why say yes to the ring, or ask?

Okay so I guess the next part is why am I marrying him?  Well, I could say the simple answer of "Because I love him." But I could live with him forever and not marry.  Kinda crazy to think marriage is all for love.  It is a deep part of it, but it's more than that.  It's almost unexplainable, silly that I would write a blog on it and not explain, but that's how it is.  Okay, I'll try.

Being with him is as natural as breathing to me.  Hugging and kissing him good morning, holding his hand, snuggling with him as we watch our favorite shows.  He is a part of me, a living breathing extension of myself.  To marry him is not just the next step of us being together, we've been together for over 5 years.  It's the natural step.  I want to pledge myself to him, to show the world that there are no doubts.  He is the one, my life mate, my love, my perfect match.

I feel that what I share with my soon-to-be husband is not just love, but that amazing bond that only a few are able to experience.  We are the rare find, the match within the billions.  We are the diamond in the rough. The needle in the haystack. We are the happily ever after and after and after.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Vow- writers block

Ok so writing my own vows is crazy simple yet crazy hard.  I know the poet should be able to come up with something smooth and able to tug the heart strings.  Yeah I guess I just don't have it in me sometimes.  So I looked up some links for Funny Wedding vows  Yeah they were cute, but it didn't fit.
Then I looked up the more traditional vows. Still was not quite what I was going for.
So I thought about how he makes me feel, how I enjoy our time.  The little things we do for each other.  Then as I slept last night the thoughts brought themselves together.
We are the closest of friends, talking of our wants, needs, what bugs us.  I have never had to lie to him, never had to keep a secret.  He knew from day one how I was, who I was, and what I wanted.  I also learned much from him on our first date.  A coffee date.  Our lives have been growing together, it is more then the passion and love for each other.  It is what we learn from each other.  How we balance each other out, and how we work together.  So now I have found my vows.  I have found what I truly want to promise to him on October 14th.
So instead of looking for something that would move me to tears, something I will do anyway.  I have found the full honest truth and will hold it like a shining light before him as I promise my world to join with his.
Life is good.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rantings of too much to do.

The tension is building up.  I find that I try to distract myself from what I should be doing.  If I should be writing or editing, I'm reading.  If I should be critiquing, I'm editing my own work.  If I should be looking up vow ideas, I'm playing on FB or checking my e-mail.  If I should be working on wedding things, I'm doing anything but.

Yes, I've been putting off everything by doing everything else.  I guess when I really need to do something, my lazybones says no.  Sigh... and so I need to find a way to force myself to get focused.  I know there is much to be done in many aspects of my life.  I want to keep editing my book, so as to be ready to start really writing next month on the sequel.  I want to keep up with the crits, some of my critique partners have addictive stories and I hate leaving a good story left unfinished, either in reading or writing one.  I need to work on my vows, I barely have a clue on how to start.  Yes the writer who gets writers block on wedding vows, how poetically ironic.  Then there is the loose ends for the wedding.  Ah yes there is so much to be done and I don't want to drop any of it for the other.  So I end up a scattered mess of I want, I want, I want.  Oh well.  There is only one thing truly stopping me from being organized and getting everything done that I need doing, and that... is me.

So my fabulous organizational skills are being put to the test. Its easy to organize, but it's so hard staying that way.  Perhaps I should focus on one thing at a time, but from all the work experience I've had in the past 16 years, I've never seen that work out quite well.  Organize while multitasking is more my style anyway, I just need the will to do it.  Hm, yes and where will I find that will... in my next e-mail or crit or um... oops doing it again. OK OK I'm getting back to figuring out what I need to do right now. Hope everyone has a good week.  I'll be pulling my hair out soon, and wishing I could just snap a finger and poof... done. It's nice living in a fantasy world. lol
Oh look... pretty... :) Oh wait, no that's not what I should be doing right now.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Fearless Two-year-olds

Yesterday was quite the stressful experience.  Everyone who has kids, knows the dangers of the two year old.  They are fearless beasts who will do things that will make your heart stop.  They will climb heights that were not meant to be climbed.  They will get into things that were securely put away, and they will go places that will put them in danger.  This is the world of the two-year-old.  To explore and to drive their parents into a frenzy.

My children have all passed that stage, thank the goddess.  However, my niece has been in that stage since she could climb, and being so much like my sister, she probably wont be out of that stage until her teens.  She is an adorable peanut who would win the heart of even the hardest heart.

Yesterday she pulled off her trademarked dash at my house.  (It was a pet cemetery rerun in the making) I live in a fairly busy city, right on the main road.  She ran straight down the sidewalk to the corner.  She would have kept going, right into the road, if I had not caught up in time.  I grabbed her hoodie and since I was in full run, I couldn't stop.  I ended up tackling her to the ground before the road and tumbled over her to land right in the lane of traffic.  A cop was parked across the street and watched the whole thing.  I don't know how we avoided the cars, how I landed, or how I was able to stop the baby just in time.  I guess it doesn't really matter how.  What matters is, she is fine with just a scrape on her face.  I only have a bruised wrist and heel.  No one got hit, no one was injured in any severe way and we were both safe and sound at the end.

My youngest ended up seeing the entire thing from the window.  Her only reaction when everything was said and done was. "You're my mom, don't fall in the road, you could get hurt."  She's 4. Yeah, tear jerker.  She didn't leave my side till it was bed time, 2 hours later.

It is not the first time that I was worried about a child running into the road, a few years back, my own son did it.  He was stopped right before a truck went past.  Thankfully he never did that again.  Common sense and the fear of danger is taught, it's not instinct.  Children could teach any adult that, but I wonder how you get the child to learn it.  Hopefully not with mortal danger every time.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in the saddle again!

I've been trying to get my crap together. Organize what I'm doing when and trying to get things running smoothly. And what happens but I find myself snuggled up to my kobo reading series after series of my favorite authors. Nothing I wanted to get done, gets done and my poor book is again neglected like the house plant that hasn't been watered for weeks. It sits with it's pages drooping over the edge of the table, practically begging to get picked up and revised fully into the 5th draft. 'Please' it whispers in the dark of night as I lay sleeping, 'please remember I'm here.' so after 2 weeks of my horrible behavior of reading, in which I've been poking and prodding at other writers work, only because I've done so much to my own book that I can't help but see what the holes are, I opened my critiquing folder and had a crack at a 1st chap of a MS that I should have opened the day I got it. I'm not even saying that out of duty, oh man it was good, I got a bit queezy during a torture scene but it was good. So in critiquing such a well set up scene I have a quickening as it were, write a bit on this, dab a bit here and there. And tomorrow I will be back in business and my baby will be watered with cuts and adds and all other sorts of editing mayhem. Back into the saddle again, as it were. Oh and have I mentioned how much I love AQC. :D inspiration at its finest with the people to match. :D Thanks guys!

Friday, September 16, 2011

My day, and my poor lonely book

So how busy can one person get that doesn't have a full time job, other then raising kids?  I can tell you, very busy!  I have to take care of the kids, like making sure my 12 yo has everything for school, first and foremost! Then there is the cleaning of the never-ending dishes, the floors need to be swept and mopped. The  bathroom... yeah that stuff that needs to be done, the kids, making sure they are doing their chores and keeping their space clean.  Cooking and then cleaning that never-ending dish pile again.  Sending my son off to kindergarten. Then 2 hours of me time, my youngest having nap-time.  Pick up my son, make sure my eldest has her homework done and making sure my son puts his school things away.  Then there is wedding planning and making sure I have everything done that I wanted to do that day, usually done when its my me time.  So my poor writing plans get pushed off to the wayside till the next day, then the next then the next.  I know when everything is more ordered and my last name changes for the first and last time I will be able to get back to my dream.  I just hate that feeling that it's sitting there, almost done 5th draft half written and waiting for it's creator to come and take care of it.  My poor poor book.  :(  I will be back, I promise.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Critiquing Am I too Picky?

So today I have decided that my Friday mornings will be focused on critiquing fellow writers in their works (and hopefully continuing on into the weekend).  The problem I have with that is not the ones I critique from AQC but the ones from Critters Writers Workshop.  Perhaps it is because I do not talk or chat with the ones from the workshop.  I do not know them in any way.  I have no problems with the site itself or with the people but some of the work that is offered up for review is so raw it is as if they posted their rough drafts without trying to polish and enhance their work.  Some have written stories with not enough research, so it seems beyond reason of suspended belief and others are just choppy and need to learn how to flow more.  It may be that those were the very reasons for them posting on Critters but some how I would think that they would have done more research on what works better, what flows better and the like before showing their work to more then 3000 possible critters.   I know I may be complaining a lot on this.  Perhaps it's just me.  I will not post mine until I feel it is agent worthy, or at the very least close to it, maybe a draft away.  I guess I'm being too critical on the matter.  However, when I am privilaged enough to critique one of the MS of the AQC group, I find them much more polished, and only small tweaks are needed.  There is more pleasure in the critique, and so I give more input.

I wonder if I should just withdraw from Critters, but I feel that perhaps, I will learn more as a picky critique partner there then I would at AQC, only because easy is not always better.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

To write, or to kick myself in the butt- and write.

I have this feeling.  Like I could write so much more, add so much more to the story.  Yet, as soon as I open the document for the story, all I want to do is something else.  A feeling of not wanting to change what is there.  Every story needs it's tweaks and turns.  What once was part of the beginning of the story, getting hacked out or completely changed to another part.  I personally took out 30 pages of writing completely.  I may add bits and pieces later of what once was back story but most of that will remain on the editing floor, as it were.

So how do I get focused enough to add or subtract from my creation.  It's hard for all writers, so it's nothing new.  My hesitation causes a form of writers block, so I need to just walk away.  The longer I stay away, the more the information I read in the meantime fills my head with other ideas, more to add or take out.  Not a bad thing, but today it seems that all of the info that has gathered from a week of hiatus has caused a higher writers block.  The only thing I can do now is just to hunker down and watch my baby transform once again.  I'm sure it wont be for the last time.

So if you have any ideas on what you do for writers block, or to get over that hurtle of hesitation, feel free to comment.  I would love your input.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tolkien must have been on to something.

I had a conversation with my family last night.  One of those after dinner random talks as one of us was on facebook.  We were talking about how no one seems to know how to create even the most simple sentence without adding lol or some thing of the like.  We also discussed the effects things like facebook twitter and texting has on the knowledge of words and grammar.  Even with built in spell check on most computers, the words never seemed spelled correctly and the grammar is always off.  I admit I am one of the afflicted of such mistakes.
The new way of speaking through text could be considered similar to Tolkien's elfish language. Just sound out the words and you'll know what I mean.
roflmao, lol, adip, urapita, fitb and so on.  I'm sure you could come up with much more then myself, since I am no master of txtng.
It all makes me wonder how long it will be before the new words of our language are common place and words such as augment, cumbersome, and facetious are a thing of the past. It will be a shame if that ever were to happen.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Characters come alive

There was a phrase that I saw while looking at my twitter the other day.  It stuck with me, through dreams and waking moments.  I can't remember who said it, but it was so true its scary.

'Characters are not created, they are beings waiting to be discovered.'

To anyone who writes, even if it's short stories, or just random thoughts, you find your characters seem to have a mind of their own.  I know this to be true in my own writing.  My MC will have a goal and be headed in that direction when something distracts her and I find myself being dragged along for the ride.  I didn't plan what happens, I don't anticipate the direction change.  It just happens and I find myself caught into my own story as if I am watching it from the outside and not writing it.  The writing itself is scary, with all the grammar mistakes and sloppy sentences.  It is all due to not noticing that the story is being written, its more like it is being played out and I'm taking notes.  The only problem with that is trying to edit it so that others will see what I saw in the end.  It's fun, regardless of the work put into it.

Randomly I found this website with Hollie Lisle describing the positive impact us writers have on the economy.  No matter what type of writer we are.  So enjoy the article and keep writing.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm so very White and Nerdy!

Time for some more of my geekness to come out.  One of my friends is holding a contest on who is the biggest geek and so I entered, and now I'm realizing how much I truly am a geek.  I love it!  lol

So I dug into the recesses of my mind for all the things that mark me as a geek.  To be honest, there isn't much that doesn't mark me as one.  lol  I guess that should be lame or bad or whatever, but I like it.  Loving anime, manga, Star Trek and Star Wars.  What's not to like.  ok well, I'm sure there is lots not to like if your not into it. But it's totally me.

It's all about what is fun for you, and this is what's fun for me.  Yay fun.  lol

Sunday, August 7, 2011

D&D oh it's so awesome to me.

Ever imagine that your somewhere else, and that others are with you adding their thoughts to yours to create a different world.  I'm not talking about writing a book, or even reading one.  I'm talking about D&D, yes my geek is showing.  lol

Roll some dice and bang, something happens.  Well, it's not quite that simple. First you need a good DM. (dungeon master- the guy or gal that sets up the adventure and leads you through the adventure throwing bad guys in your way). Then you act out what you would say and tell everyone what you are doing, it's not just between you and the DM Each player has a part in the action and role playing.  Taking everyone into another world, the world the DM creates, not just a dungeon as the name implies but forests and towns.  You have to play out the situation, with the limits of what you character can and can not do.  Something you would find in any fantasy book.  Weis and Hickman two well known fantasy authors got their start from the game and ended up writing the DragonLance.  Its great for inspiration, or just to get away from reality for a little while.  Geeky, perhaps, but when you have an imagination that wants to explode, its a great outlet.  Also, we end up laughing and having a great time the whole way through, even if my character ends up dying in the end.

Here is an example of what happened last night.

In the middle of the dark forest I hear the moans of creatures unseen.  My companions, a vampire lord and a lion-man stay close as we greet a strange elf with dark skin and white hair tied back.  He seems as weary of us as we are of him.  My vampire companion speaks and the elf is , not by any spell or trick by my pale friend, but by the understanding that all that creeps in the night, a vampire might actually be courteous to him.

"Thank you for the assistance, we would surely have been in grave trouble had you not helped."  His french accent flowing with regal presence, Serral gave a nod of respect.  His red eyes and fangs flashing in the moonlight.

The lion-man Lerrion stood back in cautious wait to see how things would play out.  The dark elf seemed too curious to turn us away.  He spoke of the dangers that we could hear creeping all around us.  Eventually he led us to his hovel where magical wards were put up to keep out all undead.  That would include Serral.

I was offered the bed for the night as the elf needed to do some research on the ward he had placed upon his home. He wanted to protect the vampire as we did. Perhaps because he had not met anyone else like him. I could not be sure. So he did his research to look for a way that a vampire could pass through.

I offered my blade to Serral, as I've done before. I said, "I will stand with you, if you need.  My blade is yours."

"I will be fine, Nimue`." He gestured for me to stay within the hovel as he began his meditation.  I layed upon the bed and looked over to were Lerrion was sitting by the door watching over our vampire companion.  Sleep overtook me and a peaceful dreamless night gave me the rest I was so weary for.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Freebe Friday giveaways and contests

A fellow writer I know from AQC has set up a contest for writers to act out a scene from the novel of the winner, I think this is brilliant, now please every one enter, I'd love to see who wins this.  Also other contests that Tracy has found I've placed below.  Proves to be a great fun Friday. :)

By: Tracy N. Jorgensen
Belief Suspenders: Friday Freebies 5: In which, I have my own contest...What can you win? We'll film a scene from your novel and post in on the blog.

Epic Fail : Win a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice. 

3 books : More for your time investment. Can't beat that, right?

Pick Your Prize : As always, the lovely Rebecca Hamilton has fabulous prizes for you (and free editing).

500 words contest : Gotta love chance for books or agent feedback!

Mini-Synopsis Contest : Not a pitch, but a short synopsis. Interesting. Very interesting. Will you enter? Can you manage it?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wait you think what?

The thing that has been getting to me the most lately is writers who don't do the research.  If you live from the south, and you want to write about winter in the North East, come to me, I grew up here.  I lived in MA for half my life, the other half has been in RI.  So I know the area.  The point is, please find some one who lives there and ask them.  Don't just guess.  The person I'm writing about had a good story going but didn't do the research, it ruined it dramatically for me.  Mass loves their snow plows!

My responses were, wait what? The entire time, I could't focus on the plot, or on the characters because I was too baffled by ice storm= pretty white fluffy snow the next day=a snow mobile in Salem MA in December. (Wait, what?) It was a great story, if I could get past the holes.  However, I barely got through the three chapters that were sent to me.  I feel bad about it, cause I was supposed to help critique it as part of the workshop I'm in, but if I can't say anything nice I have to walk away, I would have dragged this person through the dredges.  We have to be tactful in the workshop, no brutal honesty, because the author will think your just getting personal and wont listen to the advise.

The moral of the story is research research research! So hope you enjoyed my post, I'm off to do some research.  Has anyone gone spelunking before?

Sunday, July 31, 2011


The touch of a child's hand against mine, the hug around the waist when I least expect it.  This is only a couple small things of what it is to be a mother.  The completion to my life that my children give has no scope of comparison.  I look into their eyes and see complete trust, love and acceptance.

Her blonde curls bounce as she bounds off with her brother.  They chase each other through the rooms.  Their giggles echoing through the house the the joy of the game.  My oldest looks annoyed as her preteen mind finds such things more of an irritation then fun. I can't help but smile as I remember how she was once so full of energy and laughter, and yet I am a little saddened that she has grown away from the joys of childhood.  Her fun is now on the computer or video games, though I can't fault her, her addiction of manga.  I'm the one who got her into anime after all.

I hear a scream of frustration in the back ground to see the devilish brown eyes of my son, I know he just did something to his sister.  She lopes out of the room, sad noises escaping her lips.  Her blue eyes rimmed with red and unshed tears. "Mommy, him have my toy." She squeaks reaching up for me to hold her.  Her four year old arms barely reaching around my shoulders when I lift her.

My son stands defiantly against her accusations. "I want it, I want to use it."

The usual banter continues and I have to solve the problem with sharing or taking the toy away all together.  Some times I get frustrated by this, other times, it just makes me smile.  I adore that my children get along so well, they don't see each other all the time due to certain circumstances, they love each other regardless.  Though my preteen doesn't like to show it.  She would taunt or yell at my son, just to feel the authority of it.  The gap in age has something to do with it.  My son being 5 and my eldest being 12.

Then my future husband will wake for the morning and join us, the atmosphere changes, the kids become quieter yet still play.  My preteen will then either latch herself to my side or hide in her room, depending on if I let her play on the computer.  My love is the disciplinary of the house, he has never mistreated the children but they respect him and will do what he says, much more actively then if I were to say it.  Is it because I am too soft on them?  No I think it is because they see the different roles, I am the care taker, the provider, and he is the structure and male figure.  We work well together and so the children are more apt to listen to the disciplinary and be more demanding of the provider.

This is my family, we work together as a whole.  My love and I are a team, raising the children the best we can, loving each other and the kids with all our hearts.  This is my home, my happiness is first created here, then spread to the other parts of my life.  A happy home life is a happy life, regardless of money or work problems, I have a place I am welcome and accepted, loved and respected.  This, above all, is what I've always wanted.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fire Fly's Light

I saw the oddest thing by the corner of my eye, a flash of fire fly light just a few feet away from me.  The odd part it was broad daylight.  I thought they only came out at night.  So I went to investigate.  A swirl of light told me I was headed for the right direction in the bushes.  However, the light did not stay that luminescent green, it changed colors from pink to purple to red, it was quite astonishing.

I picked through the rough branches of the bush, searching slowly and quietly till it flashed again.  The little glow moved so fast I had to refocus my search entirely.  I slowed down, the soft leaves brushing against my arms as I held on to the branches, pushing them away slower and slower.

I had thought that perhaps it was gone, for I looked so closely to each branch in turn, searching for an insect but could not find one.  Sighing I let the branches fall back into place as they were, only to see that light, now blue, flash again.  Taken aback that I had not seen it when I was in the brush, yet there it was flashing in my face, taunting me in a way, I became more determined.

I walked around the bush to the other side, searching for a better angle.  Then I saw it, the oddest thing I had ever seen.  A tiny little dragon, the size of my of my pewter figurines in the house, and on its back was a little person, so much smaller then the dragon with little shimmery wings that changed color.

I had been so absorbed with it that I had not noticed my daughter creep next to me and gaze in as well.  I went to see if I could grab the little fantasy made real but my daughter grabbed my hand and looked at me with those deep brown eyes.  The fairy riding the dragon flew away, the color of early spring leaves.  I blinked and they were gone.

I looked down at my preteen with hundreds of questions swirling through my mind.  She just smiled at me. "Mom, some things are better left undiscovered.  You taught me that."

"I suppose I did." I said, gazing off into the direction I watched the myth leave my yard.  We smiled at each other and went back into the house, hand in hand with our little secret in our hearts.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Close your eyes, random writing

"Close your eyes." He said.

I smiled at him, he was always being so random.  His brown eyes twinkled in the sun as his blond hair reflected the golden rays.  I closed my eyes, allowing the image of him hover behind my eyelids.

"Now, listen to everything around you."  He said, I went to speak but he placed his warm finger on my lips. "No, just listen."

I opened my senses to everything around me, we were outside and the park was full of sound today.  I could hear the strange squawking of the squirrels in the trees.  The birds flapped away as a squeaky wheel sped past us, their screech of protest echoing back from each bird as they flew overhead. There was a low murmur from the couple that sat a few benches over from us.  There was a swishing of the trees before a slight breeze hit my face.  In the distance I could hear the rumble of cars on the main street.  We were far enough away that I never really noticed the sound, but now I listened for it.

I opened my eyes and looked at his face, his smile was breathtaking.  He sat next to me with his arm wrapped around my shoulders, we had been doing this for years and it would be our 25th anniversary tomorrow and he always had some strange thing planned.

"So why did I have to listen?" I asked teasingly.

"Because, sweeting, I need to make sure you can take in every amazing sound around you, we are going to a symphony tomorrow and I want to make sure your prepared for it."  He laughed.

My Brian, always the silly one.  I envisioned the sounds and was a peace.  He always had good surprises.

Writing Exercise, My Pet

So I got a pet this weekend, but my cats won’t go near it. Can I help it, if he can breathe fire? It's a cute baby dragon about the size of my hand. He has these shimmery scales that change color almost like a mood ring, which is great because I always know when to warm him up. It's so cute when he turns blue. I just put him on my chest and pull out my marshmallows. He has this tiny flame that roasts them nicely and then he begins to turn an orange-red, warming up from the heat of my chest and his own fire. 

I know your wondering where I got him. It was the strangest thing, the kids and I were walking home from the park and out drops an egg the size of my palm. It landed right in front of us, yet there were no cracks on it. I originally thought that the egg was from some nest, my mind refused to believe that it would come from anywhere else. But there were no trees in that part of the street. So I figure it must come from one of the buildings we passed, perhaps someone had it and didn't want it. I guess I will never know. We took it home and my eldest asked to keep it in her room. Since the egg seemed more like a rock each time I held it, getting heavier and heavier, so strange, dismissing the thought, I let her keep it there.

The next day I went in her room to wake her and found a small blue lizard curled up on her pillow. She had fallen off the bed and was outstretched on the floor. I carefully stepped over her to slowly reach for the creature. It lifted its head and looked at me and then it meowed. The cats came running and hopped up onto the bed. By that time my daughter had woken up and was silently sitting on the floor, watching intently. At first the cats licked the lizard-like thing and purred, until one of them licked its nose and it sneezed. A small spark came out. They bolted out of the room leaving the little creature shaking. I don't know what compelled me, but I picked it up to comfort it. Immediately it snuggled against me and the blue of its scales started turning color. 

My eldest said we should name it Draco and since I can't find anything online that tells me a different story there is only one thing I could guess that it is. So little Draco lives with us now, still tiny, still lighting off small sparks, yet he hasn't set anything but my marshmallow on fire. I guess I have to count myself lucky. 

We found out he loves fish and chicken, he doesn't care much for red meats, but hay that means I get to keep my steaks. We took him outside just to see what he would do, he loves the leaves of the rose bush and the ivy leaves. It's strange how his sharp teeth disappear when he eats vegetation. 

We set up the small cat carrier we have, the one the cats grew out of, for him to sleep in. He is very much like a cat in many ways, loves meat, sleeps often, meows, and he even scuttles around the house chasing the stray bugs that gets in at night when we go in or out. He seems to like it inside, snuggled up against one of us. He stays away from the little ones; he's smart enough to know they can hurt him.

I love to watch him drink from his bowl. He climbs into the mixing bowl that the water is in, then once he is completely submerged we can see steam start to rise. As the water quickly sinks in the bowl it starts to boil, and once it gets to Draco he pops up like a geyser and there is no water left. We love to watch it, and I think he knows because he seems to only do it when we are in eye shot.

Yesterday my little Draco sprouted wings, it was the most amazing thing, they seemed to just pop out of his scales. He's been trying to fly all day today. He will climb up on the couch and jump, he's got gliding down but he starts to flap too late. I think he can understand me cause when I made a suggestion about flapping in the first place, he took it. So I've been encouraging him more. I can't wait to show the kids when they come home.

He has become the most amazing pet, and I can't wait to watch him grow up, everyone I tell thinks I got an iguana, I guess I just don't feel like correcting them. My little dragon, the perfect pet, I just wish the cats would lighten up.