Friday, September 2, 2011

Critiquing Am I too Picky?

So today I have decided that my Friday mornings will be focused on critiquing fellow writers in their works (and hopefully continuing on into the weekend).  The problem I have with that is not the ones I critique from AQC but the ones from Critters Writers Workshop.  Perhaps it is because I do not talk or chat with the ones from the workshop.  I do not know them in any way.  I have no problems with the site itself or with the people but some of the work that is offered up for review is so raw it is as if they posted their rough drafts without trying to polish and enhance their work.  Some have written stories with not enough research, so it seems beyond reason of suspended belief and others are just choppy and need to learn how to flow more.  It may be that those were the very reasons for them posting on Critters but some how I would think that they would have done more research on what works better, what flows better and the like before showing their work to more then 3000 possible critters.   I know I may be complaining a lot on this.  Perhaps it's just me.  I will not post mine until I feel it is agent worthy, or at the very least close to it, maybe a draft away.  I guess I'm being too critical on the matter.  However, when I am privilaged enough to critique one of the MS of the AQC group, I find them much more polished, and only small tweaks are needed.  There is more pleasure in the critique, and so I give more input.

I wonder if I should just withdraw from Critters, but I feel that perhaps, I will learn more as a picky critique partner there then I would at AQC, only because easy is not always better.

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