Friday, June 1, 2012

Blog Ring of Power Presents: Jacqueline Seewald

Multiple award-winning author Jacqueline Seewald has taught creative, expository and technical writing at the university level as well as high school English. She also worked as an academic librarian and an educational media specialist. Eleven of her books of fiction have been published. Her short stories, poems, essays, reviews and articles have appeared in hundreds of diverse publications. She enjoys spending time with family and friends when she isn’t writing. In addition, she is a playwright, a landscape artist and loves many types of music.  

Wow, now that's a diverse way to get into creativity! Welcome to the Realm Jacqueline!  Lets talk about your writing life a bit.

BRoP:  What is your writing process? Do you follow a regular routine? Do you use pen and paper or computer? Work at home or at the library/Starbucks, etc.

JS: I have my own little office area set up at home. That’s what works best for me. I get up really early in the morning and start writing. I’m sharpest then. I often start a story or novel with a notebook and pen as ideas flow best that way initially.

BRoP:  How do you balance writing with other aspects of your life?
JS: My husband says I spend too much time on the computer, and I know he’s right. But I do try to devote a fair amount of time to him and our family as well. I also like to cook, do my own cleaning and enjoy food shopping.

BRoP:  When do you write?

JS: Every single day. No time off for good behavior. Mornings really are best.

BRoP:  How much time per day do you spend on your writing?

JS:  That will vary. When I’m really into a novel, it can be most of the day. But when I’m needed by family or friends, I curtail my work.

BRoP:  What has been the most surprising reaction to something you've written?

JS:  I’ll be blunt and painfully truthful. I wrote a paranormal romance set in the Regency era entitled TEA LEAVES AND TAROT CARDS. (It was published by Five Star/Gale in 2010.) After the initial edit, I sent it to Mary Balogh who went through the novel and made suggestions for improvement which I followed. I then asked Jayne Ann Krentz who writes paranormal historical romance as Amanda Quick if she would read the novel. She was kind enough to read, endorse and blurb the book. With the help of these two outstanding historical romance writers who I greatly admire, I thought the novel was going to be very successful. Imagine my surprise when Library Journal and Publishers Weekly both attacked the novel. Apparently, they did not like the hero because he was flawed. Perhaps the book was too sensual for their tastes. The poor reviews broke my heart. However, Thorndike Press brought out the novel in a large print edition anyway and it’s in a lot of libraries. Actual readers have loved the novel and asked when there would be a follow-up. I was touched by this. Connecting with readers is what matters most to me.

BRoP: How do you deal with rejection and/or negative reviews?
JS: I have a thin skin so it isn’t easy for me to deal with criticism. However, you can learn from constructive criticism and I do accept that with appreciation. I always strive to improve the quality of my writing. I expect a good editor will make suggestions for change. Unlike the Ten Commandments, I understand that my prose is not chiseled in stone.

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  1. Hi, E.M.,

    I just want to thank you for inviting me as your guest author today. I very much appreciate the exposure and publicity. Like you, I write paranormal short stories and love speculative fiction.

    1. Thanks so much for letting the Blog Ring of Power interrogate you. ;) I had a lot of fun reading your answers.

      It's great to see that even with bad reviews the readers still picked up your book, and still love it. :D

  2. nice interview, Jacqueline. I'm a morning person too. And no one likes those negative reviews, but I do like a comment from Lady Churchill - when a reporter asked her if she and Sir Winston agreed on everything, she said, "Good Heavens, no, if we did, one of us would be unnecessary." So, just think as those reviewers as necessary evils.

  3. Thank you, Victor, I appreciate the good thought from you and Lady Churchill.

  4. That's a great quote from Lady Churchill. Enjoyed the interview, Jacqueline. That's tough about the reviews! :-( But they do happen. I have heard some authors who don't read reviews at all. They have people do that for them. I never can resist and sometimes its not fun, but yeah, I've also heard that some readers don't trust reviews that are all good. They like a balance.

  5. Hi Jacqueline! Thanks for sharing your story with us. That's horrible about the bad reviews for your TEA LEAVES book, but as you said, the "real readers" are the ones we should listen to. Happy trails! bobbi c.

  6. Whatever the critics said, you pleased your real audience, the readers

  7. Pauline, Bobbi, Warren,

    Thanks for the positive feedback!

  8. Interesting story about your Tea Leaves book, Jacqueline. There's also a lesson there for all writers. Some would have given up at that point. I'm glad you didn't. Write on, my friend.

  9. I enjoyed the insight into your writing procedures. Whatever procedure you follow, it works! Thank you for providing enjoyable reading.

  10. Hi Jacqueline,

    There's so much about this writing business that's totally by the seat of our pants, no matter how much we plan, write and rewrite. Your story about Tea Leaves and Tarot Cards touched my heart. And I totally empathize.

    A big-time review of one of my books said that I was unkind to seniors, and it was completely untrue. That scene was all about the seniors running an end game on my sleuth, which they pulled off with perfection.

    I'm learning the unwritten rules for cozies one at a time. Fewer cuss words and certainly not any that begin with "f". Be flattering about seniors - always.

    And the most important rule of all - keep believing in yourself.

    Nice post!

  11. Hi, Earl,

    Thanks for stopping by. I believe in simply working harder when there's criticism. Sometimes there's constructive criticism and I pay attention to that. Other times...well, I won't comment! I'll leave it to your imagination.

  12. Hi, Betty,

    Thanks for stopping by and the good words!

  13. Thanks, Maggie,

    I do agree: writers need to believe in themselves, first and foremost.

  14. I want to thank everyone who dropped by and read the interview!

    Please be aware that all the books mentioned are available for purchase through Amazon and B&N Online as well as other book sellers. You can also request any of my novels at your local library.

    Jacqueline Seewald