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Blog Ring of Power Presents: Tracy Lane

Welcome to another Friday! Blog Ring of Power dance.
Today I would like to welcome Tracy Lane to the ring. 

Tracy was fascinated with the paranormal when she was very young. She always felt like someone was around her even when she was alone. Those experiences inspired her to write a paranormal book where a teenager can see and hear ghosts and actually makes friends with one.

Tracy loved to write short stories in school and had always wanted to be a writer. But raising children and working jobs got in the way of indulging her passion of writing. Then she realized her children had grown up into teenagers and they didn't need her as much. She started toying with the idea of writing once again. So setting aside 5 to 10 minutes per day to write at least one page she thought she could end up with a book a year. Now Paranormal Properties is published and she still has a list of at least 8 more books to write. She doesn't think she'll be slowing down anytime soon.

Part 3 @ *waves* you are here. - Friday, July 26th

Section #3: The Creative Process
BRoP:  Where do you get your story ideas?
TL: Some come to me in dreams, others I just sit and daydream until a story idea comes to me.

BRoP: Do you have a specific writing style?
TL: Not really. I haven’t really written enough to claim a certain style.

BRoP: How do you deal with writer’s block?
TL: By only writing 5 to 10 minutes a day. I then polish the pages I wrote and quit. That gives me almost 24 hours to think about what I would like to have happen next before I go back to writing. It has kept the dreaded writer’s block away.

BRoP: How do you develop your plots and characters? Do you use any set formula?
TL: The plot and characters seem to develop themselves. Sometimes I think I had nothing to do with the story, it’s the characters who tell me what to write.

BRoP: Are you a “plotter” or a “pantser” (do you plan/outline the story ahead of time or write “by the seat of your pants”)?
TL: I’m a bit of both. I will outline the first half of the book and then I let the story take over and write itself the last half. And I don’t always follow the outline I start, the story may take over and go a different direction.

BRoP: Do you use critique partners or beta readers? Why or why not?
TL: I use an editor before I submit. A fresh pair of eyes is always needed. Not only does he make sure all my t’s are crossed, he may give me a pointer or two on how to make a certain part of the book much better for suspense.

BRoP: How much time do you spend on research? What type of research do you do?
TL: I try not to spend a lot of time on research.  I only research what I really need to know, like how hauntings work, how ghosts interact. But in the end I write it the way I’d like it to be. That is why Frank is such a fun character instead of being a ghost that disappears as soon as you look at him.

BRoP: Is there anything you find particularly challenging to write?
             TL: Writing itself is challenging for me. I can see what I want to happen, but at times to get it on paper so others can see it the way you do can be a challenge. 

PP cover.inddPARANORMAL PROPERTIES: The Weir family has just arrived in Dusk, North Carolina, one of the most haunted cities in America, to scope out some of the town’s 127 reported “paranormal properties,” which just happens to be the name of their own ghost hunting show: Paranormal Properties. What Jake Weir doesn’t know, and what his parents could never imagine, is that Jake can see ghosts! And hear them. And talk back to them! This talent comes in handy when he runs into Dusk’s oldest, most famous ghost: Frank Barrone, a one-time lounge singer made famous by his booze-soaked ballad, “Barroom Eyes.” Frank was gunned down by a local mobster in 1951 and has been searching for his killer ever since. When he learns that Jake can see and hear him, Frank makes young Jake a deal: if Jake will help Frank find his killer, Frank will help his parents find a ghost to film for their upcoming Halloween Special on Public Access TV. Jake enlists the only friend he’s made in Dusk, an overweight tomboy nicknamed “Tank,” to help him track down Frank’s killer. As clues emerge and old leads heat up, Frank and Jake learn they make quite a team. But will Jake find Frank’s killer? And will Frank find a real haunted house in time for the Halloween special?



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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Community

One thing I've noticed while I've been striving for my goal, once you reach out to other writers, you're never alone.
 AQC is one of the best places I've found for writers. It helped me to realize that in this profession, it's not about competition but about helping each other reach our dreams.  We are there for each other, cheering on success, consoling during times of hardship.  We work together.  Learn together and from each other.  
I always loved to write. It's always been my dream to get something of mine out there for others to read. Now I'm even more grateful to have such a goal, because I've made so many friends in the process. 

Do you have a writing group? How has it helped you personally? 
I'd love to hear about other experiences and groups out there!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Blog Ring of Power Presents: Anne Johnson

Hey, it's another Friday and I have another great author just for you.  Let's welcome Anne Johnson! 
Don't forget to check out the rest of the interview with my fellow BRoP hosts

Part 5 @ party at my house... um blog, I mean blog - Friday, July 19th

She's having a blog tour, check it out:

Drawing on her eclectic background, which includes degrees in classical languages and musicology, ANNE E. JOHNSON has published in a wide variety of topics and genres. She's written non-fiction books for children with the Rosen Group and feature articles for adults in serials such as The New York Times and Stagebill Magazine. As the author of nearly thirty published short stories, she has won writing prizes for both children's and adults' short fiction. Anne lives in Brooklyn with her husband, playwright Ken Munch. 
Section #5: Words of Wisdom

BRoP: Tell us about your route to success –how did you land your agent/publisher?

The publisher of the Webrid books is Candlemark & Gleam. I found them during a Twitter chat session about book marketing. I liked what they had to say (and their encouragement of me, an unknown and clueless author); I then went to their website and was very impressed with their presentation and philosophy. Fortunately, they loved what I submitted to them. Working with C&G is a delight, and I hope the relationship continues for a long time.

BRoP: What are the most important elements of good writing?

The willingness to improve is the most important. Otherwise, I would say an ear for figurative language, an internal alarm set off by cliché, a rock-solid knowledge of grammar, and the nerve to experiment.

BRoP: What tools are must-haves for writers?

This depends on the writer, so I can only answer for myself. I must have a large, ever-growing stack of nice, small notebooks. I prefer ones with animals or cute aliens on them. I use only Xeno ballpoint pens. A cup of coffee and a snack in the afternoon is essential, lest my energy flag. I need a computer for the editing and revising phases. A supportive spouse or significant other is a huge boon!

BRoP: Do you have any advice for other writers?

It’s a hackneyed answer, but a true one: write every day, read every day (and read widely, not just in “your” genre), don’t give up, and learn to separate helpful criticism from nonsense.

BRoP: What are your current / future project(s)? I am polishing a YA science fiction adventure called Space Surfers and have started work on the third Webrid novel, Red Spawn Delivery.

BLUE DIAMOND DELIVERY: Webrid is a carter. He’s also the savior of the world. Is it so much to ask that he get a break, and get to enjoy the simple things in life – like booze and babes – without being asked to drop everything and save the day? Again.
But all the planets of the Raralt Circle will crack to pieces unless Webrid can complete one simple carting job. How hard could it be to save the world? After all, he’s done it before.
- – -
BLUE DIAMOND DELIVERY is the sequel to GREEN LIGHT DELIVERY, and gives us another look into the wisecracking, noir-tinged worlds of the Raralt Planetary Circle and the lives of Webrid, Stravin, Zatell, and an interplanetary cast of weirdoes you can’t help but love.

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Blog Ring of Power, new member

The seasons change, the weather changes, and so does the line-up with the Blog Ring of Power.

Our buddy DC Rich has more on his plate than even the plate can handle and so he's giving up his Tuesday throne to another.  We will miss him and hope for the best future for him and his.

Our newest member is Vicki Weavil!

Vicki Lemp Weavil is a speculative fiction author from North Carolina. Her YA
Fantasy, CROWN OF ICE, will be published by Month9Books in Fall 2014. She also
writes Adult and YA Science Fiction.

You can check out all her links below: