Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year's Greetings

The light sparkled around her, glitter and flashes of every color cascaded around.  The fairy pushed herself past the celebration and echoing music that pounded through the air.  Humans gathered in the streets, shouting and praising the festivities of the cultures new year.  The strange beings were everywhere and no one noticed the small fay that flew above the crowd. Just one more flash of glitter among them.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Falling into Troll Territory

The dust drifted up from the hole in the ground. Collapsing rock still fell, and as the dust swirled around them, they realized someone was missing.  Mavra had been standing on the earth that had swallowed him into its now gaping mouth.  The companions looked into the darkness and called for him, but no answer was returned.

The companions each looked at each other and knew what needed to be done.  Serral had the ability to spider climb naturally and Nimue was given the cloak with similar abilities not too long ago.  Together they made the treacherous decent into the darkness.  Searching around was almost futile as the dust that was kicked up made the low light vision that they both had, useless.  However, both of their hearing was exceptional and with little effort they were able to make out the sounds of dragging from an opening not too far from where they had landed.

"It would be unwise to continue on without the help if the others." Serral whispered.

Nimue nodded and with a quick scramble upward they were again with the other companions. Nimue looked grave. "I believe that Mavra is being dragged deeper into the underground.  We must hurry.  Ladarious, take the cloak, I will ride down on your back."

The lion man nodded his head and took the cloak from her.  With agility Nimue climbed unto his back and they carefully began their desent.  Serral looked upon the mage who in return lifted his hand.  "I can get down on my own." he offered and with a few components and several words Carmon floated down into the gaping earth. Serral climbed down on his own.

Once down the companions gazed into the tunnels that were absent of any light. Ladarious peered in and sighed, with a whisper he addressed his companions. "It would be better if I were to go alone at this point.  I can hide in the shadows much more easily that way."

"Very well," Carmon agreed. "But let us know the moment you are in any type of trouble."

The lion man nodded and disappeared into the darkness.  He worked his way through the tunnel that twisted downward.  The glow of a fire shining from beyond stopped him.  With silence and skill at hiding he snuck into the cavern to find no one was there.  However, a dragging sound was easily detected beyond the cavern and deep into another tunnel. With careful hesitation, Ladarious moved on, following the sound. Twisting down through the tunnel farther into the dark underground.  Soon enough he came to another opening and a green-grey smelly beast dragging it's feat on the stone floor.

Slowly the lion-man backed away, headed back to report what he had found.  Back up the tunnels he moved with feline grace, no sound coming from his steps.  To his silence, far up the tunnels the sounds of moving feet and shuffling armor grated like thunder down the halls.  He moved as quickly as possible in the darkness to reach the noise, staying hidden while he went.

When his companions came into view he ground his teeth to hold back a growl.  "The noise you make will be the death of us all." He whispered out of the darkness, startling his companions.

The mage placed an hand on his chest as his eyes widened. "Does he always do this?" Carmon asked.

"This is new to us as well." Answered Nimue in a whisper then turned to the lion man. "What have you found?"

"There is a creature up ahead.  Its stench is almost overpowering. It seemed more like the unkempt peasants of the great cities than anything belonging underground."

Carmon crossed his arms. "Was it's skin a greenish tinge?"


"Trolls.  Damn. They acceptional healers.  Does anyone have an adversity to fire, we will need to use it to defeat them."

"Serral can not be in fire's way." Nimue answered.

Carmon looked over the pale lord for a moment. "I expected as much from your kind."

Serral only nodded.

The companions pushed themselves on closer to the next cavern and in time came to meet it's mouth.  Carmon sighed with a whisper, "I have no magic for a fight, my studies have been devoted to divination."

Nimue came to stand next to him, letting the darkness of the tunnel shroud her from the troll's view. "Can you cause a distraction?"

"Yes, that I can do." He answered.

Ladarious moved without sound into the cavern, using the walls and stalagmites to cover his entrance.  He disappeared from view of the others as he headed to the right wall, behind some rubble and more stalagmites.

Carmon waved his arms methodically as he whispered an enchantment. A pinch of something rubbed between his fingers.  Light flashed at the far side of the cavern and two trolls came out from the stalagmites to inspect the disturbance.

Nimue made her way left to the other side of the cavern, being sure not to be heard or seen by the two trolls.  She had the Spider Climb cloak and knew of its special webbing power.  The trolls stood near a small fire, expecting that side of the cavern for the flash that had occurred. She shouted "Silcus" as she pointed to the green beasts and a sticky web sprayed out from the cloak, capturing one troll along with the fire beside it.  Instantly the webbing lit and covered the troll in flames, but as fast as the fires started, it was done consuming the webbing with it.

The blistered skin of the troll was plainly visible as the beast turned it's attention onto Nimue, who had her two swords out, ready for the fight.  At the same time an arrow flew into the second troll from the right side of the cavern. With an unnatural burst of speed, Ladarious jutted out from his hiding place, to slash open the troll, then was gone again, hidden by the stalagmites he had come from.

The first troll rushed to meet Nimue and with a slash she caught him in the chest with her sword, only to watch as the wound began to stitch itself together before her eyes.  His rushing movement and attack from her left the troll off balance and so his club swung wildly, to one side, unable to impact his target.

The second troll searched for it's attacker, even as its wounds healed themselves.  Ladarious was not sure how to defeat this creature so stayed back to reconsider his attack plan.

Nimue tried to get off another few hits from her blades, the tough skin of the troll causing her to loose balance and her long sword flew to the floor, far from her grasp.  The troll attacked with its elbow and grabbed her, threw her to the ground face first.  Only the rapier remained in her hand, the wind knocked out of her.

A familiar touch came from her left and a blazing flame engulfed the rapier.  The troll stumbled back by the sudden fire eyeing her warily.  Nimue was only stunned for a moment as she rose to her full height, using the enchanted bracers to call the long sword back to her.  She was ready to face the troll now, glancing for a moment at the image of Serral a few paces behind her, but she could feel him beside her, even if she could not see him there.

She swung her swords toward the beast again and slashed at him with her long sword, but the rapier missed as the troll cringed from it.  Again she slashed and again it cringed away.  Keeping its distance but not hitting her either.

Out from the shadows of the tunnel the companions had come from, came a kobal zombie, rushing to the second troll, attacking it and distracting it from Ladarious, who in turn began attacking the Troll as he came out from the shadows.

Mavra followed his zombie and held in his hand the fire staff that was given to him not days before.  He aimed it at the center of the room and shouted for the others to get out of the way.  The first troll, seeing the new comer, with what looked like an ornate stick and nothing else came rushing to Mavra as the others did as commanded.  The darkelf cast a fireball in the center of the room engulfing the first troll and singing the second.  Giving Ladarious enough room to finish off the second troll with a few clawed swipes at its throat.

When the ash settled and everyone was accounted for they each looked at Mavra, Serral asked. "Where were you, we came this way thinking you were dragged in here."

Mavra marveled at the staff in his hand for a moment before looking up at his companions.  "I was burried under the rubbled.  I had enough room to cast a zombie spell, it helped me out.  No one answered from above to my calls, so I traveled down the corridor, having my zombie go first, when I spotted you fighting, I figured I'd lend a had.  It's good I did.  How are we to get out of 'ere?"

"We go back the way we came.  This is not our destination, nor a good time to be sidetracked.  We need to reach my master."  Carmon answered.

"Indeed, let us head back the way we came." Serral said, heading back into the tunnel.

The others followed but Mavra was not convinced.  "How are we to climb out, I was not successful."

"Remember the cloak of spider climb, I still have it." Nimue said and continued on.

Together they made their way back into the cave in and with the help of Serral and the cloak they were all able to reach the surface once more.  To be back on their journey.