Friday, June 8, 2012

Blog Ring of Power Presents: Tiffany Heiser

I would like to welcome Tiffany Heiser to the realm, she has been a great online friend and a good critique buddy. Welcome! Let's start by getting to know you darling.  

I grew up in Granbury Texas. Always reading or writing from a young age. An only child- I'm not spoiled rotten...I think. Have two wonderful parents that pushed to me to reach my goals. I now live in Fort Worth with my wonderful husband and my two loving dogs(a corgi and a doxiepoo).
I started off with poetry and then short stories. Then decided at the end of last year that I woul
d sit down and write. So I did. 
As a kid I wanted to be a doctor(hate blood), an astronaut(scared to get stuck in space), a teacher(don't want to be stuck with a whole class to myself) and then it dawned on me one day. I want to write. I want to be an author. I love young adult fantasy fiction and knew that's the genre I would pick. Once I put the pen to paper...the rest as they say... is history :)

Section #1: About You

BRoP:  How long have you been writing?

TH: I have been writing since I was a young kid. I learned early on that it was easy for me to express my emotions through writing and poetry. Once I figured that out there was no stopping me. Notebooks were filled with poetry and then I decided once I was out of high school that I wanted to write a full manuscript. Of course it wasn't until years later that I came up with the Bonded With Love storyline.

BRoP: When and why did you begin writing?

TH: I began writing because I needed a way to express myself and even when I was young vivid dreams and never ending thoughts ran wild in my mind. I started young I believe I was in 2nd or 3rd grade.

BRoP: When did you first consider yourself a professional writer?

TH: I honestly didn't consider myself a professional until Bonded was out for sale. I was a writer before that. Once I saw my novel out for sale, and after squealing and jumping for joy, did I realize that I had become a professional.

BRoP: What books have most influenced your life?

TH: I will always give a big thanks to Stephenie Meyer and Twilight. If I hadn't fallen in love with the books, the writing bug wouldn't have hit me so hard. After that authors like Richelle Mead and Melissa Marr have been amazing inspirations.

BRoP: What genre do you write?

TH: I am a paranormal romance author. I am in love and have always been with vampires, so you may see more books about the dark creatures come from me throughout the years. I also love other paranormal beings and can't wait to write about the others one day.

Where can our readers find you?


Never in a trillion years did Rena really think vampires existed...or that she had enemies among them.

Beginning of senior year, and Rena Vesten is hoping for something incredible to happen. She never expected that the dark-haired, blue-eyed man of her dreams-literally-to suddenly appear as the new student at school.

The gorgeous mystery guy, Cryder, has more secrets than his inexplicable presence in her dreams. Soon Rena's world takes a turn into the supernatural when she finds out Cryder is a vampire king with a deadly rebellion on his hands, and a destiny irrevocably tied to Rena's...

...'till death do them part.

Vampires live a long life and it can appear to be perfect to those who don't have the option for immortality, but when your sanity and place in society is dependent on the one you love- the thought of eternity can be excruciating.

When Bristol finds his true blood-mate at an early age, the girl who knows him to the deepest part of his soul- everything seems perfect. He pictures a future of only the two of them with no rules or limitations, but one terrifying night all of those dreams are stolen from him. 

What happens to a vampire when it goes insane?

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