Friday, September 16, 2011

My day, and my poor lonely book

So how busy can one person get that doesn't have a full time job, other then raising kids?  I can tell you, very busy!  I have to take care of the kids, like making sure my 12 yo has everything for school, first and foremost! Then there is the cleaning of the never-ending dishes, the floors need to be swept and mopped. The  bathroom... yeah that stuff that needs to be done, the kids, making sure they are doing their chores and keeping their space clean.  Cooking and then cleaning that never-ending dish pile again.  Sending my son off to kindergarten. Then 2 hours of me time, my youngest having nap-time.  Pick up my son, make sure my eldest has her homework done and making sure my son puts his school things away.  Then there is wedding planning and making sure I have everything done that I wanted to do that day, usually done when its my me time.  So my poor writing plans get pushed off to the wayside till the next day, then the next then the next.  I know when everything is more ordered and my last name changes for the first and last time I will be able to get back to my dream.  I just hate that feeling that it's sitting there, almost done 5th draft half written and waiting for it's creator to come and take care of it.  My poor poor book.  :(  I will be back, I promise.

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