Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in the saddle again!

I've been trying to get my crap together. Organize what I'm doing when and trying to get things running smoothly. And what happens but I find myself snuggled up to my kobo reading series after series of my favorite authors. Nothing I wanted to get done, gets done and my poor book is again neglected like the house plant that hasn't been watered for weeks. It sits with it's pages drooping over the edge of the table, practically begging to get picked up and revised fully into the 5th draft. 'Please' it whispers in the dark of night as I lay sleeping, 'please remember I'm here.' so after 2 weeks of my horrible behavior of reading, in which I've been poking and prodding at other writers work, only because I've done so much to my own book that I can't help but see what the holes are, I opened my critiquing folder and had a crack at a 1st chap of a MS that I should have opened the day I got it. I'm not even saying that out of duty, oh man it was good, I got a bit queezy during a torture scene but it was good. So in critiquing such a well set up scene I have a quickening as it were, write a bit on this, dab a bit here and there. And tomorrow I will be back in business and my baby will be watered with cuts and adds and all other sorts of editing mayhem. Back into the saddle again, as it were. Oh and have I mentioned how much I love AQC. :D inspiration at its finest with the people to match. :D Thanks guys!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear you got your groove back! 'Cuz man that image of your poor manuscript slopping over the edge of the table was just depressing! :(

    And thank you again for the kind words :)