Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Fearless Two-year-olds

Yesterday was quite the stressful experience.  Everyone who has kids, knows the dangers of the two year old.  They are fearless beasts who will do things that will make your heart stop.  They will climb heights that were not meant to be climbed.  They will get into things that were securely put away, and they will go places that will put them in danger.  This is the world of the two-year-old.  To explore and to drive their parents into a frenzy.

My children have all passed that stage, thank the goddess.  However, my niece has been in that stage since she could climb, and being so much like my sister, she probably wont be out of that stage until her teens.  She is an adorable peanut who would win the heart of even the hardest heart.

Yesterday she pulled off her trademarked dash at my house.  (It was a pet cemetery rerun in the making) I live in a fairly busy city, right on the main road.  She ran straight down the sidewalk to the corner.  She would have kept going, right into the road, if I had not caught up in time.  I grabbed her hoodie and since I was in full run, I couldn't stop.  I ended up tackling her to the ground before the road and tumbled over her to land right in the lane of traffic.  A cop was parked across the street and watched the whole thing.  I don't know how we avoided the cars, how I landed, or how I was able to stop the baby just in time.  I guess it doesn't really matter how.  What matters is, she is fine with just a scrape on her face.  I only have a bruised wrist and heel.  No one got hit, no one was injured in any severe way and we were both safe and sound at the end.

My youngest ended up seeing the entire thing from the window.  Her only reaction when everything was said and done was. "You're my mom, don't fall in the road, you could get hurt."  She's 4. Yeah, tear jerker.  She didn't leave my side till it was bed time, 2 hours later.

It is not the first time that I was worried about a child running into the road, a few years back, my own son did it.  He was stopped right before a truck went past.  Thankfully he never did that again.  Common sense and the fear of danger is taught, it's not instinct.  Children could teach any adult that, but I wonder how you get the child to learn it.  Hopefully not with mortal danger every time.

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