Wednesday, November 30, 2011

World Building for Writers and Gamers

Each story has some type of world building, whether it be just creating a social system in a neighborhood, or creating an entire solar system plucked from your mind, as well as anything in between.  Each writer, or D&D DM needs to create the world in which the characters or players interact and grow.  It all starts with that.

In the novels I'm writing, I started with a few websites that I had found some valuable information, I have since, found other sites to tickle the imagination and exploration of worlds. I would like to share those with you.

Basilicus  I found this site intersesting for its star system and religion section

Building Guides

Some of these are still being worked on. More will be added and updated soon.

This next site is one of my favorites as I used it before I started writing my first book.
30 Days of World Building This site has things from cataclysms to character development.

For the D&D lover in me, and the fun it brings:
Cruinne's D&D Reading Room This one is great for games and writing
Things worlds have:
  1. Economy
  2. Government
    1. Crime & the Legal System
    2. Foreign Relations
    3. Politics
    4. War
  3. The Land
    1. Physical & Historical Features
    2. Climate & Geography
      1. Natural Resources
    3. Population
    4. Rural Factors
    5. Urban Factors
  4. Society & Culture
    1. Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation
      1. Architecture
    2. Calendar
    3. Daily Life
    4. Diet
      1. Dining Customs
    5. Education
    6. Ethics & Values
    7. Fashion & Dress
    8. History
    9. Language
      1. Gestures
    10. Manners
    11. Meeting & Greeting
    12. Religion & Philosophy
    13. Social Organization
    14. Specific Countries
    15. Visits
  5. Magic & Science
    1. Magic & Magicians
      1. Magic & Technology
      2. Rules of Magic
      3. Wizards
    2. Medicine
    3. Science & Technology
    4. Transportation & Communication
No one could forget everyones favorite go-to
They have almost anything you would need in each part of fantasy writing. 

And to add a few helpers I have E. F. Jace's Blog with info on Government and other writing help
as well as a side site Wold Building

I hope some if not all of this helps.  I know it worked for me and when I turn my world into a campaign for D&D I know I'll be using the sites much more. 


  1. Have you ever watched "Prophets of Science Fiction" on the Science Channel? It really opens my mind up to different ideas and you get to climb inside the mind of some of sci fi's master writers/creators/world builders.

  2. Thanks for that, I will definitely check that out.