Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cold Feet?

I am getting married tomorrow and was waiting for the cold feet to kick in. Still a no show.  They say it happens to everyone, I'm starting to wonder why? What exactly is cold feet? A worry of never being able to walk away? A thought of never being able to touch another as you touch your mate? A wonder if you will love that person as you love them now?  Wait, stop, hold the phone.  Okay, none of this makes any sense.  If you love the person enough to say yes when the ring was offered, or in the case of guys, love the girl enough to buy the ring.  What would make you think that you were going to get a chance with anyone else when you asked or said yes.  You pretty much sealed the deal then, now its just to make it public and legal.  So what is the issue?  If you love some one enough to pledge your undying love to them, why would you waiver?

So why does 'everyone' get cold feet? Why would they have doubts?  I was told once that, to have even a shadow of a doubt meant that it was not to be.  Why drag yourself through something if you have the doubt?  Why say yes to the ring, or ask?

Okay so I guess the next part is why am I marrying him?  Well, I could say the simple answer of "Because I love him." But I could live with him forever and not marry.  Kinda crazy to think marriage is all for love.  It is a deep part of it, but it's more than that.  It's almost unexplainable, silly that I would write a blog on it and not explain, but that's how it is.  Okay, I'll try.

Being with him is as natural as breathing to me.  Hugging and kissing him good morning, holding his hand, snuggling with him as we watch our favorite shows.  He is a part of me, a living breathing extension of myself.  To marry him is not just the next step of us being together, we've been together for over 5 years.  It's the natural step.  I want to pledge myself to him, to show the world that there are no doubts.  He is the one, my life mate, my love, my perfect match.

I feel that what I share with my soon-to-be husband is not just love, but that amazing bond that only a few are able to experience.  We are the rare find, the match within the billions.  We are the diamond in the rough. The needle in the haystack. We are the happily ever after and after and after.


  1. Awww... Congrats and good luck and best wishes on your wedding tomorrow. And how great it is not have cold feet. I didn't get it either. Almost 9 years of wedded bliss and still going strong. ;D