Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Vow- writers block

Ok so writing my own vows is crazy simple yet crazy hard.  I know the poet should be able to come up with something smooth and able to tug the heart strings.  Yeah I guess I just don't have it in me sometimes.  So I looked up some links for Funny Wedding vows  Yeah they were cute, but it didn't fit.
Then I looked up the more traditional vows. Still was not quite what I was going for.
So I thought about how he makes me feel, how I enjoy our time.  The little things we do for each other.  Then as I slept last night the thoughts brought themselves together.
We are the closest of friends, talking of our wants, needs, what bugs us.  I have never had to lie to him, never had to keep a secret.  He knew from day one how I was, who I was, and what I wanted.  I also learned much from him on our first date.  A coffee date.  Our lives have been growing together, it is more then the passion and love for each other.  It is what we learn from each other.  How we balance each other out, and how we work together.  So now I have found my vows.  I have found what I truly want to promise to him on October 14th.
So instead of looking for something that would move me to tears, something I will do anyway.  I have found the full honest truth and will hold it like a shining light before him as I promise my world to join with his.
Life is good.

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