Friday, July 29, 2011

Close your eyes, random writing

"Close your eyes." He said.

I smiled at him, he was always being so random.  His brown eyes twinkled in the sun as his blond hair reflected the golden rays.  I closed my eyes, allowing the image of him hover behind my eyelids.

"Now, listen to everything around you."  He said, I went to speak but he placed his warm finger on my lips. "No, just listen."

I opened my senses to everything around me, we were outside and the park was full of sound today.  I could hear the strange squawking of the squirrels in the trees.  The birds flapped away as a squeaky wheel sped past us, their screech of protest echoing back from each bird as they flew overhead. There was a low murmur from the couple that sat a few benches over from us.  There was a swishing of the trees before a slight breeze hit my face.  In the distance I could hear the rumble of cars on the main street.  We were far enough away that I never really noticed the sound, but now I listened for it.

I opened my eyes and looked at his face, his smile was breathtaking.  He sat next to me with his arm wrapped around my shoulders, we had been doing this for years and it would be our 25th anniversary tomorrow and he always had some strange thing planned.

"So why did I have to listen?" I asked teasingly.

"Because, sweeting, I need to make sure you can take in every amazing sound around you, we are going to a symphony tomorrow and I want to make sure your prepared for it."  He laughed.

My Brian, always the silly one.  I envisioned the sounds and was a peace.  He always had good surprises.

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