Thursday, July 28, 2011

Writing Exercise, two people walk out of a building.

They walked out of the building, hand in hand.  It had been so long since they had seen each other and the noises of the Boston streets welcomed them as they stepped off the stoop.  She looked up at him and smiled, gazing into his deep blue eyes. She studied his face that wasn't young anymore, but still had the charms from high school.  He smiled in return and tugged her toward down town.

They headed to the dunkin` donuts shop at the edge of the street.  She had told him how her days in Washington state had been empty without the taste of eastern coffee.  On a whim he felt she needed to relive that part of her past.  Starbucks for him had always been a bit lacking in a certain taste and far too expensive.  He loved the idea of not having to break the bank to enjoy a dunk-a-chino, his sweet tooth begged for it even now and he laughed at the idea.  She squeezed his hand and they felt like teenagers again in the streets of Gardner MA where things had been simple and peaceful.

She had come to Boston to visit a cousin and had found him online.  They had agreed to see each other, to catch up.  Neither of them was expecting to feel the love they had both felt so long ago.  It just seemed right to be together, even just to walk down the street of an unfamiliar city for both of them.

Memories flashed through her mind of the times when they had climbed the big chair on Elm Street by the elementary school.  She wondered if it was still there and if the kids still sat on it pretending to be Jack and the Bean Stalk sitting in the giants chair as she had.  Her brown hair wafted into her eyes and she brushed it back with a flip.

He laughed, "I love it when you do that."  He was almost unable to contain the buried feelings of 20 years.  It had been too long and they both had separate lives now.  He wondered what would happen now, with her only here for a week before her vacation was up and she would leave his life again.  He brought her closer to him, wrapping his arm around her waist as they walked, she pushed herself against his chest as they reached the shop and entered.

It had been a nice visit but they both knew it would end, and they would be on the opposite ends of the country again.  He would again sit in his office at the Gardner News and she would be off doing her work for the Seattle Times.  This was just a social visit, and they both wished it could be so much more.  They had their coffee and enjoyed what time they had left, each moment burned into their memories with deeper longing and love that would never be forgotten.

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