Friday, July 29, 2011

Writing Exercise, My Pet

So I got a pet this weekend, but my cats won’t go near it. Can I help it, if he can breathe fire? It's a cute baby dragon about the size of my hand. He has these shimmery scales that change color almost like a mood ring, which is great because I always know when to warm him up. It's so cute when he turns blue. I just put him on my chest and pull out my marshmallows. He has this tiny flame that roasts them nicely and then he begins to turn an orange-red, warming up from the heat of my chest and his own fire. 

I know your wondering where I got him. It was the strangest thing, the kids and I were walking home from the park and out drops an egg the size of my palm. It landed right in front of us, yet there were no cracks on it. I originally thought that the egg was from some nest, my mind refused to believe that it would come from anywhere else. But there were no trees in that part of the street. So I figure it must come from one of the buildings we passed, perhaps someone had it and didn't want it. I guess I will never know. We took it home and my eldest asked to keep it in her room. Since the egg seemed more like a rock each time I held it, getting heavier and heavier, so strange, dismissing the thought, I let her keep it there.

The next day I went in her room to wake her and found a small blue lizard curled up on her pillow. She had fallen off the bed and was outstretched on the floor. I carefully stepped over her to slowly reach for the creature. It lifted its head and looked at me and then it meowed. The cats came running and hopped up onto the bed. By that time my daughter had woken up and was silently sitting on the floor, watching intently. At first the cats licked the lizard-like thing and purred, until one of them licked its nose and it sneezed. A small spark came out. They bolted out of the room leaving the little creature shaking. I don't know what compelled me, but I picked it up to comfort it. Immediately it snuggled against me and the blue of its scales started turning color. 

My eldest said we should name it Draco and since I can't find anything online that tells me a different story there is only one thing I could guess that it is. So little Draco lives with us now, still tiny, still lighting off small sparks, yet he hasn't set anything but my marshmallow on fire. I guess I have to count myself lucky. 

We found out he loves fish and chicken, he doesn't care much for red meats, but hay that means I get to keep my steaks. We took him outside just to see what he would do, he loves the leaves of the rose bush and the ivy leaves. It's strange how his sharp teeth disappear when he eats vegetation. 

We set up the small cat carrier we have, the one the cats grew out of, for him to sleep in. He is very much like a cat in many ways, loves meat, sleeps often, meows, and he even scuttles around the house chasing the stray bugs that gets in at night when we go in or out. He seems to like it inside, snuggled up against one of us. He stays away from the little ones; he's smart enough to know they can hurt him.

I love to watch him drink from his bowl. He climbs into the mixing bowl that the water is in, then once he is completely submerged we can see steam start to rise. As the water quickly sinks in the bowl it starts to boil, and once it gets to Draco he pops up like a geyser and there is no water left. We love to watch it, and I think he knows because he seems to only do it when we are in eye shot.

Yesterday my little Draco sprouted wings, it was the most amazing thing, they seemed to just pop out of his scales. He's been trying to fly all day today. He will climb up on the couch and jump, he's got gliding down but he starts to flap too late. I think he can understand me cause when I made a suggestion about flapping in the first place, he took it. So I've been encouraging him more. I can't wait to show the kids when they come home.

He has become the most amazing pet, and I can't wait to watch him grow up, everyone I tell thinks I got an iguana, I guess I just don't feel like correcting them. My little dragon, the perfect pet, I just wish the cats would lighten up.

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