Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fire Fly's Light

I saw the oddest thing by the corner of my eye, a flash of fire fly light just a few feet away from me.  The odd part it was broad daylight.  I thought they only came out at night.  So I went to investigate.  A swirl of light told me I was headed for the right direction in the bushes.  However, the light did not stay that luminescent green, it changed colors from pink to purple to red, it was quite astonishing.

I picked through the rough branches of the bush, searching slowly and quietly till it flashed again.  The little glow moved so fast I had to refocus my search entirely.  I slowed down, the soft leaves brushing against my arms as I held on to the branches, pushing them away slower and slower.

I had thought that perhaps it was gone, for I looked so closely to each branch in turn, searching for an insect but could not find one.  Sighing I let the branches fall back into place as they were, only to see that light, now blue, flash again.  Taken aback that I had not seen it when I was in the brush, yet there it was flashing in my face, taunting me in a way, I became more determined.

I walked around the bush to the other side, searching for a better angle.  Then I saw it, the oddest thing I had ever seen.  A tiny little dragon, the size of my of my pewter figurines in the house, and on its back was a little person, so much smaller then the dragon with little shimmery wings that changed color.

I had been so absorbed with it that I had not noticed my daughter creep next to me and gaze in as well.  I went to see if I could grab the little fantasy made real but my daughter grabbed my hand and looked at me with those deep brown eyes.  The fairy riding the dragon flew away, the color of early spring leaves.  I blinked and they were gone.

I looked down at my preteen with hundreds of questions swirling through my mind.  She just smiled at me. "Mom, some things are better left undiscovered.  You taught me that."

"I suppose I did." I said, gazing off into the direction I watched the myth leave my yard.  We smiled at each other and went back into the house, hand in hand with our little secret in our hearts.

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