Friday, August 5, 2011

Freebe Friday giveaways and contests

A fellow writer I know from AQC has set up a contest for writers to act out a scene from the novel of the winner, I think this is brilliant, now please every one enter, I'd love to see who wins this.  Also other contests that Tracy has found I've placed below.  Proves to be a great fun Friday. :)

By: Tracy N. Jorgensen
Belief Suspenders: Friday Freebies 5: In which, I have my own contest...What can you win? We'll film a scene from your novel and post in on the blog.

Epic Fail : Win a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice. 

3 books : More for your time investment. Can't beat that, right?

Pick Your Prize : As always, the lovely Rebecca Hamilton has fabulous prizes for you (and free editing).

500 words contest : Gotta love chance for books or agent feedback!

Mini-Synopsis Contest : Not a pitch, but a short synopsis. Interesting. Very interesting. Will you enter? Can you manage it?

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