Sunday, August 7, 2011

D&D oh it's so awesome to me.

Ever imagine that your somewhere else, and that others are with you adding their thoughts to yours to create a different world.  I'm not talking about writing a book, or even reading one.  I'm talking about D&D, yes my geek is showing.  lol

Roll some dice and bang, something happens.  Well, it's not quite that simple. First you need a good DM. (dungeon master- the guy or gal that sets up the adventure and leads you through the adventure throwing bad guys in your way). Then you act out what you would say and tell everyone what you are doing, it's not just between you and the DM Each player has a part in the action and role playing.  Taking everyone into another world, the world the DM creates, not just a dungeon as the name implies but forests and towns.  You have to play out the situation, with the limits of what you character can and can not do.  Something you would find in any fantasy book.  Weis and Hickman two well known fantasy authors got their start from the game and ended up writing the DragonLance.  Its great for inspiration, or just to get away from reality for a little while.  Geeky, perhaps, but when you have an imagination that wants to explode, its a great outlet.  Also, we end up laughing and having a great time the whole way through, even if my character ends up dying in the end.

Here is an example of what happened last night.

In the middle of the dark forest I hear the moans of creatures unseen.  My companions, a vampire lord and a lion-man stay close as we greet a strange elf with dark skin and white hair tied back.  He seems as weary of us as we are of him.  My vampire companion speaks and the elf is , not by any spell or trick by my pale friend, but by the understanding that all that creeps in the night, a vampire might actually be courteous to him.

"Thank you for the assistance, we would surely have been in grave trouble had you not helped."  His french accent flowing with regal presence, Serral gave a nod of respect.  His red eyes and fangs flashing in the moonlight.

The lion-man Lerrion stood back in cautious wait to see how things would play out.  The dark elf seemed too curious to turn us away.  He spoke of the dangers that we could hear creeping all around us.  Eventually he led us to his hovel where magical wards were put up to keep out all undead.  That would include Serral.

I was offered the bed for the night as the elf needed to do some research on the ward he had placed upon his home. He wanted to protect the vampire as we did. Perhaps because he had not met anyone else like him. I could not be sure. So he did his research to look for a way that a vampire could pass through.

I offered my blade to Serral, as I've done before. I said, "I will stand with you, if you need.  My blade is yours."

"I will be fine, Nimue`." He gestured for me to stay within the hovel as he began his meditation.  I layed upon the bed and looked over to were Lerrion was sitting by the door watching over our vampire companion.  Sleep overtook me and a peaceful dreamless night gave me the rest I was so weary for.

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