Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Writer: Agent Query Connect

Every writer needs a support group, a gathering of like minds to help that person grow and become more than just a teller of tales.  Most writers, I have noticed, are finding groups online or in their community.  With that in mind I had researched online and physical writers groups.  I've traveled the e-highways and was pleasantly surprised when I was searching for agents and stopped at Agent Query Connect. My search had ended, this was the perfect group for me.

AQC is a forum for writers by writers.  This smorgusbord of information by hundreds of talented knowlageable and helpful people. It has been one of the highest assets of my writing.  Disscussing things such as the dreaded Query, (in short: a letter to agents asking for representation) to things such as what an agent looks for and how to make that pesky first sentence, paragraph and chapter able to hook the reader.  There is advice for any aspect of writing.  Each genre has it's own group to get together and share chapters to review or other genre related aspects. There is even a game forum to relax and have a bit of fun.

I have learned so much from all my new friends at AQC, found a few critique partners and even have guest posted on a few blogs of theirs.  I would suggest everyone who enjoys the art of writing to give this forum a look.  You'll like what you see.

You can also find some of the members on their blogs take a look. :)
Moderator of the genre group in which I'm involved, she is known as Clippership to the world of AQC
Yesternight's Voyage by Joyce Alton.  I have a post on her blog.
One of my favorite crit partners and amazing minds. She has a world building series on her blog.
Verbose Veracity by E.F. Jace  Yes, I have a post on her blog.
A motivational writer, and he knows how to keep his time managed
The Write Time by D. C. Rich. Great posts and lots of info to think about. I posted here too.
A talent of giving advice to other writers
Terri Bruce gives us insight on her website blog. No, I don't have a post here, but the others I've mentioned do.

That's not the only friends I have on AQC, the list is longer than comprehension and there are new members every day! More minds to share in the art that we covet.

Do you have a specific writers group you stick with? Do you go it alone? Do you prefer the touch of person to person or forums?  I would love your input and any other suggestions of the long list of writers groups out there.


  1. Thank you for the love/shout out! ::wink:: You don't have a guest blog at my site YET. :-)

  2. Ah, I love AQC! This was a nice shout out. I mention them in a lot of my posts on my blog. Best place I've found. :D