Monday, February 20, 2012

A Way In #2

Ladarius stepped lightly, studying the walls with expert eyes.  His search for traps led him down the tunnel to find three things. Two doors, a strange glowing glyph on them both and no physical traps to disarm.  Disappointed he looked back at his companions, all watching him with weary eyes. "There is nothing here but some strange glowing markings."

"Hold still." The mage insisted as he made his way to him.

Taking a step back, Ladarious stepped on another glyph in the floor. He froze not knowing what to do.

"You idiot! I had told you to stay still. This could blow you away, remain as you are while I study these.  Any movement may set them all.  We have no way of knowing what they will do until I've looked them over. Now stay still."

Serral glided behind the mage, inspecting the glyphs with a trained eye. "I have a spell that can absorb the magic, but this is of a strength where I alone will not be enough."

The mage nodded. "I will assist you."

They both pulled out components and the sound of the language of magic filled the air. A buzzing followed before the three glyphs dropped, leaving Ladarius able to move once more.  He stayed his ground, not wanting to trigger another magical.  Serral opened the door to the right, looking into the heavy darkness beyond.  Carmon pushed a hand through, only to see it disappear into a black abyss.  Withdrawing his hand the companions stood looking at each other for a moment before the door closed and another glyph surged over it.

"What's going on?" Called Nimue who stood with Mavra at the crumbled entrance.

Carmon looked at them then back at the other two companions. "I do not have the power to remove the spell again."

Nimue was moving up the hall, "Then we move on. Are there any traps?"

"No physical ones." Ladarius answered as he looked around the floor. "The glyph on the floor is gone, I'll keep going. Carmon, stay near me, just in case I run into something else magical."

"I will remain a few steps behind." The mage folded his arms under his robes. "Lead on."

The two made their way up the tunnel, with no other disruptions.  Coming to the opening of a large great room, they stopped.  The walls were polished and there were four weight baring pillars set a few feet away from the each of the four corners.  In the center stood a metal statue of a suit of armor. In its grip it held a sword and mace, tips resting on the floor. Beyond, a set of stairs led up.

Ladarius waved for the others to catch up to them.  Each one moved with a slow but steady caution and when they gazed upon the room the tension was a solid thing between them.

"It doesn't look like there is anything in the room." Nimue stated.  Her voice echoed off the smooth glowing blue striated walls. A creak and grown followed as the statue began to move. "It seems I misspoke."

The group only hesitated a moment, watching the metal man move toward them. Ladarius dashed to the left, his speed lending to his expert hiding abilities, to the others he seemed to have just disappeared. Carmon really did just disappear before their eyes. Nimue and Serral moved as one to the right positioning themselves near the right wall far enough away to come up with a plan, but close enough to keep the statue's attention.  Mavra stayed near the pillar in which they came out behind.  His magic crossbow at the ready.

There was no thwang of a bolt string, for there was no string on the bow.  Magic bolts flew toward the statue, gaining its attention on the dark elf. A small burn mark showed against its armor but nothing more.  It moved quickly, but before it could reach Mavra, the dark elf dropped his crossbow. He drew his black bladed sword with one smooth movement.  Slashing at the metal with a echoing clang. In an instant the sword was coated in ice.

Nimue and Serral rushed from the side, dodging the armored arms swinging out toward them. It only noticed their approach for a moment before it turned back to Mavra. Nimue slashed out with both her blades. The grating metal against metal was more productive than the companions could have hopes as part of its armor plating fell away, relieving glowing gems and moving parts inside. The statue turned to fully face the skilled attack.

Carmon's invisible form moved up beside Mavra imbuing him with magical strength and resilience. Serral had the same thoughts as he too cast a spell, surging Nimue with the gift of the goddess' strength. Distracted by the spell, Nimue did not react fast enough to the statues retaliation and she was slashed in the side by the machine's great sword.

Ladarius came out of now where pouncing on the metal armor with deadly precision , ripping away more of the armor plating.  Mavra took that moment to slash again with his ice weapon, freezing a few of the moving parts and allowing Nimue to slash at it once again. Little by little the companions hacked away at the machine until it fell away in frozen pieces.

Serral took care of Nimue's wounds with the blessings of his goddess. Murmuring her thanks she began sifting through the parts. The glow of the gems made them easy to spot through the debris.  Gathering them up, she caught a movement in the corner of her eye, they all did.  Standing on the steps was the fiend they had encountered and lost track of once before.  It gave a salute with a evil smile before vanishing yet again.

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