Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Way In

Deep into the cavern they traveled, fleeing the orc horde that camped near the collapsed opening.  They needed to find a way out, a way to escape the army.  However, there was no way out, but there was a way in.  For each new cave that broke from the tunnels, unease grew among the companions.

Reaching another large cavern the companions came upon a dead end.  The smell of decay and the putrid stench of the trolls they had slain gave the piles of soft plant life a repulsive edge.  The group hesitated in the tunnel, scanning the area for any other life. Mavra began to cast, the twisting of words echoing past the dripping of water from beyond the darkness. Lights began to glow, softly at first until they were bright enough to see around.  They danced in front of the dark elf, making his dark skin glow grey.  He pushed the lights into the beyond, searching for the next opening.

There was nothing to find.  Stalactites hung low, reaching for the floor only blocking the view slightly. The sound of water coming from the stone teeth.  One by one each person entered, weaving around the moss and dripping stone.  They fanned out, searching the wall. For what else could they do.  They were trapped.

Mavra pushed deepest into the cave as they all scanned the walls.  He placed his hand against the stone and push. When the stone moved, ever so slightly, he backed off.

"'ere," He called. "I think there is something 'ere."

The companions came forth, surrounding him as they gazed at the small seem in the otherwise solid surface.
The mage, Carmon rubbed his stubby chin of his otherwise elven face. "I wonder what could be behind this... door? Yes it must be a door, look at how the seem goes up and across so neatly."

"I'm more concerned on how long before our 'friends' above come looking around." Nimue said as she crossed her arms. "We need to open this and go through, we can't go back."

Ladarius looked at the raven haired woman and nodded before placing his clawed hands against the door.  He pushed, straining his muscles with the attempt, but only dust fell from his exertions.  Nimue moved up beside him and pushed as well. However, her efforts were less effective than his own.

The vampire shook his head and stood on the other side of the Lion-man. "Together. We must do this together."

Shoulder to shoulder the companions stood.  Carmon had no room to help and so he stepped back.  Mavra took his place between Ladarious and Serral. Placing their hands on the stone they all began to push, straining muscles to meet their goal.

Slowly, the stone began to budge.  The grating sound of movement gave a wind of confidence to the companions and what once moved slowly was now collapsing with the force.  They jumped out of the way, dodging the falling rock, all but the dark elf.  Mavra was pinned by the legs, choking on the blood from the crushing wounds.

Serral hovered over the dark elf, the prayers of his goddess on the lips of the vampire.  He crouched down and as Ladarios and Nimue removed the stone slab from Mavra, the wounds began to heal.  Blood remained but there was no bruising.

Once they recovered from the fallen stone, the companions gazed into the tunnel.  A blue glow from the walls caught their attention.  The magical stone reached out across the walls in veins.  More mysteries to behold.

"I'll go first." Ladarius stated, climbing over the rocks to enter the tunnel.  "I'll check for traps, stay here."

To be continued...

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