Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Guardian

My feet hit the soft littered floor of the forest.  All around me were the sounds of birds. At least, I thought they were birds.  The forest opened up to a path, dark with heavy foliage on one side.  The light of the sun broke in streams on the other.   Beautiful to behold.  I took another light step.

"Magical or Mundane?"  The words echoed in my head.  I looked around. Did I imagine that?

"Mundane or Magical?" I flinched, the voice deepened.  What was it asking me? If I was magical or mundane?

I stumbled trying to think.  Should I answer it? "Um... mundane?"

The trees hissed while a flock of birds scattered above.   A roar, louder and deeper than any voice in my head, made my knees shake.  Crashing through the thick woods a bear came into view.  It stopped when it spotted me.  Raising up on it's hind legs it roared again.  Holding my ears I took a step back.  The beast was taller than I had ever imagined it.

It moved forward, swiping its paw.  I ducked and turned to run back over the bridge.

It was gone. The river rushed past, foaming white with force.  No way back.

I turned to face my attacker and dropped when its claw came my way.  I huddled in a ball, waiting for death.  The breaths of the bear steamed against the back of my neck.  Its feet inches from my face.

I waited. The end would come soon.  It had to.  I was such an easy prey.


I glanced up.  It nodded at me when our eyes met.  Then, with a final forced breath, it walked away.

"Approved.  Mundane it is."  The voice sounded in my head again.  "You may proceed."

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