Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bridge

I stepped up to the bridge. The blue flowers around it spread across the grassy land.  Beyond there was dark forest.  Did I dare to walk the bridge to the unknown?  It seemed welcoming enough.

Noises from beyond made my heart flutter.  Footsteps shifted on leaves and sticks.  Twittering noises from the forest floor and around the canopy, called to me.  There could be anything between the human civilized world on this side of the bridge and what lived on the other side.

Everyone who had ever crossed the bridge were never heard from again.  Did they find a new world that they now live in joyous contentment, or were they now lost souls wondering the beyond?

I couldn't stand there much longer. I couldn't walk away either.  It was time to decide.  Easing one foot on the bridge, I settled my hand on the old course wood.  I slowly moved across. Gripping the railing with each step, my feet led me over.  The smell of flowers flowed above me as a stream rushed below.

Almost there, I heard voices.  There were no words, only the sound of whispers through the trees.  With the last few steps I moved off the bridge and into a new world.

To be continued next week.


  1. Wow, this is fabulous, want to

  2. Hmm? What could it be? Very curious indeed. I guess I'll have to come back and see what happens next, huh.


  3. LOVE IT. Awesome suspense, and I want to know the secret of the bridge!

  4. Thanks Kendra,
    Tomorrow I shall have more. :D