Friday, December 13, 2013

BRoP, Year in Review with Ellen Larson

Welcome to another post of Blog Ring of Power's Year in Review!

Today we have Ellen Larson up to bat.

Larson_headshop_2011The three months since my guest entry on the Blog Ring of Power have been rewarding ones. The pre-press reviews for In Retrospect are in, and they are very generous. Publishers Weekly, the big guy on reviewing campus, gave me a starred review, saying "[A] carefully crafted whodunit . . . shifting timelines clearly notated in chapter headings and technological/theoretical discussions that readers can skim or chew over with equal enjoyment should make this speculative fiction mystery accessible to all closed-room murder fans." Three other major reviewers followed: "Cleverly structured mix of science fiction and mystery" -Booklist; "Twisty plot" -Kirkus; "Gripping" -RT Book Reviews.

Maybe the biggest thrill was seeing the book trailer for In Retrospect featured for three days on Baker & Taylor's front page in their Reel Time slot. I've been so lucky to have a unique trailer to help promote the book--Thank you Mike Sissons, who created this absolute gem. The trailer is up on youtube here:

IR_CoverMy first signing will be at a Mystery Panel on Saturday Nov. 30 at the Tewksbury Public Library in Massachusetts. Then comes the launch party, 2 PM Sunday, Dec. at the Somerville Public Library. And on Dec. 11, In Retrospect will be available for sale and in libraries. Thanks to the BRoP for hosting my first guest blog!

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Now, time for the blog hop! 

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  1. What fabulous reviews - you must be so proud! Congratulations!!! Here's hoping 2014 brings even more good stuff!

  2. Thanks, Terri! And apologies for this late reply. Got stuck in a time warp! Yes, I've been very pleased. It's been a good year.