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Blog Ring of Power Presents: CP Bialois

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Okay, now that we have that working in our system, let's bring up our next author of the week.
I want to welcome CP Bialois to the Realm.  I met him on FaceBook through Author Karma.  I've been stalking his posts for quite some time now, and figured it's about time I get to know him even more.  Now, clever me is going to share it with all of you.

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Part 1 with ME!  - Friday, June 21st

Now, on with the show~

Section #1: About You

BRoP:  How long have you been writing?

CP:  Overall, I’ve been writing off and on since I was about eight.

BRoP:  When and why did you begin writing?

CP: I liked to replay episodes of my favorite cartoons and movies with my toys and at some point I had the urge to write about it. When I asked my mom if I could, she told me to go for it and it lasted until about sixth grade.

BRoP:  Tell us about your early works—what was the first thing you ever wrote?

CP: One of my first stories started a collaboration with my best friend. We loved Rambo and since I had the toys, we decided to do a serial. We alternated the stories and mine had to do with Rambo facing off against S.A.V.A.G.E where Rambo saved the day.

BRoP:  When did you first consider yourself a professional writer?

CP:  In 2010 I lost my job and prospects were slim to none at that time. Since I built up a small fan base with some short stories around where I lived, a friend said I should try writing for a living, so I rolled the dice and here we are.

BRoP:  What books have most influenced your life?

CP:  I’d have to say the classics like Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, and Tom Sawyer. The one that proved the greatest influence of all was Stephen King’s On Writing. For years I had people telling me I was doing it wrong by not using a detailed outline. I felt like a freak until I read his book and found out he has the same process as me. To say it was inspiring is an understatement.

BRoP:  What genre do you write?

CP: Everything in general, but mostly Epic Fantasy.

BRoP:  What is your favorite theme/genre to write about?

CP:  I love writing horror, but epic fantasy gives me the opportunity to create a world that wouldn’t exist otherwise and I think that’s exciting.

BRoP: If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?

CP: If I had any musical talent I’d say rock star, but since I don’t I’ll go with sports star.

Eron Lightheart has always been a dreamer. While thievery is the preferred and respected way of life for a Halfling to embark on, Eron has other plans. Facing a determined sister and mother wishing him to follow the path of his people, the young boy is determined to become a brave warrior.

Reinhart, a warrior with a painful past, is embarrassed to have been caught unaware by a young boy while napping. He takes it upon himself to see the child gets home safely, having no idea he’s about to enter a town inhabited by Halflings.

Will this stranger be able to help Eron fulfill his dream?

Twitter: @CPBialois
Is your book in print, ebook or both? All are in both except for Stranger Passing

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  1. Nice, CP! I loved the Rambo series when it first came out, cool to learn more about you.