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Blog Ring of Power Presents: Heidi Garrett

Welcome HEIDI GARRETT, this week’s Blog Ring of Power guest! She was born and raised in Texas, lived more than a decade in Southern California, and now she resides in Spokane, WA, with her husband and their two cats. So far, she loves the snow.
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Let's chat about a few Words of Wisdom with Heidi 

BRoP:   Tell us about your route to success – how/when did you decide to self-publish? Did you query an agent first? How did you handle the editing, proofreading, cover design, etc.

HG:  I decided to self-publish in January of 2012. I queried two earlier drafts of the manuscript. Both were rejected. I had originally planned to query the published version, but in December 2011 I got an older version of the iPhone for a great price. I randomly checked out Twitter. The story of Amanda Hocking was exploding. I started following folks who were discussing indie publishing. The changes in the industry were becoming seismic. Technology was creating a unique opportunity--in history--for dedicated writers.

I wanted to jump in the sandbox and play.

I stopped researching agents. 

Some of my writing partners had already self-published. I asked them many questions, which they patiently and generously answered. I began writing more and with more enthusiasm than ever.
Then I began researching editors and illustrators.

BRoP:  What are the most important elements of good writing?

HG:  I think structure comes first. If there is not a structure to the story, it’s hard for the reader to engage. After that I love both plot and character. The best books have fascinating characters that do something.

BRoP:  What tools are must-haves for writers?

HG:  The truth is: If you want to start writing, you don’t need much. A pen and pad of paper or computer with some word processing software on it will do. If you’re really old school, you might want to have one of those typewriter-things.

BRoP:   What do you feel is the key to your success?

HG:  Stubbornness. Persistence. Faith. Passion. A love of story. The people who put up with me.

BRoP:  Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

HG:  I really want to hear from you.

BRoP:   What are your current / future project(s)?

HG:  I am currently writing THE FLOWER OF ISBELLINE, Book Two in THE QUEEN OF THE REALM OF FAERIE series. I will complete the series, which I anticipate being between 5 to 7 books, before I schedule any definite future projects.

BRoP:    Is there anything else you’d like to share?

HG:  We are living in amazing times. Engage. Participate. Enjoy.

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Is your book in print, ebook or both?

Nandana's MarkNANDANA’S MARK: A contemporary faerie tale in a magical world…
Melia has always wanted to fly, away. 
From her two sisters, who’ve found their place in the Enchanted World, despite being half-faeries with no wings.
From her mother, the full blooded faerie who practices black magic, and weeps every night when she thinks her daughters aren’t listening.
But mostly from her father, the mortal druid who broke his faerie troth, and lives to reunite with Melia’s mother. He believes incarnating Umbra—the one entity everyone in the Enchanted World fears—will give him the power to return to the Realm of Faerie.
But Melia comprehends the horror of Umbra far better than her father ever will.
Umbra seduces.
Umbra corrupts.
And Umbra destroys.
When her best friend—a pixie named Tatou—urges Melia to turn to the mysterious Illustrator for help, she gives Melia the courage to challenge her father.
As secrets are revealed and a family’s dark legacy spins out of control, Melia’s wish to fly comes true. 
It’s just not quite what she expected.

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