Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Your Choice

Time flies by on wings unseen.
Words flow to page as if they were already written
but there is not enough time
to write
to dream.
When you wake will you still see what was written behind your eyes?
Will you see the beauty of imagination's first kiss
last kiss
Walk in the shadows of light
walk on the clouds of thought.
it is your dream
you desire
your choice to remember
and write the story
share with the world the depths in which imagination can flow
It's your choice.

Sorry if you weren't expecting poetry.  It comes and goes, I haven't shared mine in almost 10years.  I apologize if it seems a bit off.  I'm rusty at it, but the poetry has been hovering over my shoulder for the past few days and ran through me when I started to write.  Kind-of how my characters are at times in the story I'm writing.  

The question I wanted to ask, is how many of us create our stories out of a dream?

I could say that mine was created out of a dream, that Nemune's rampaging murders were part of my subconscious wanting to off every Jack A** I've met. However, I think, for the most part, I'd be telling a bit of a fib.  Yes, I've dreamed of Nemune hacking and slashing away, but she was created far before I had even started dating.  Granted at that time she was sweet, yet commanding, blond with blue eyes and loved by all. Most of my story was created after reading the Chronicals of the Lance.  After I read about Tanis, Tass and all those wonderful characters I couldn't help but brainstorm my own world.  What would it be like? Would the gods play a part? Would there be some war involved? Magic? Oh yes, my brain baby was growing in my mind for years. Not to actually make it to paper for several more.  Yet, it was always just notes, never really writing the story.  Little blurbs of action of her killings.  If you have ever worked at an amusement park working the games booths, you know there is lots of time to do nothing, so I wrote the adventures on the back of a ledger.  It's were the passion of writing was truly born in me, and has been growing ever since.

So where did you get your ideas? Did you hold on to them for years, like I did? Or did you write them down as soon as they started nudging your grey matter?

I'd love to hear what made you write, or what attracts you to those who do.
Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Sometimes a story writes itself when you're bored and have paper handy. "Black Tiger" was born at that same amusement park in the booth with all the beautiful tigers ... it became the first story published by G.A.S.P Magazine years later. And sometimes you read a story or watch a movie and want more of it, so your own story becomes that expansion. "Zombie Grandma" (also published by G.A.S.P.) came into existance because a certain movie didn't have characters that anyone would CARE about. Writing is at it's best when you aren't TRYING, it just writes itself because it "needs" to. :)