Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Break Through ALS - Monday, April 13th 2015

The boy took a deep breath. Rolling his shoulders, he focused on the board in front of him. With a stomp he pounded his foot against the wood.


"It's okay, you can do this," the director said.

The boy nodded. "I can do this." He smiled thinking of the good he was doing.

Again he took up the proper stance and kicked down onto the board held up between two blocks. This time a resounding snap sounded as the wood gave way.

The board was broken and with it another donation given to help find a cure for ALS.

The boy took up his pieces of wood and a proud smile spread across his face. He gave the director a high five. The boy was proud that he could break the board, but he was even more proud that he could help someone else too.

This isn't just a story, this is happening everyday this week in Fitchburg MA, kids breaking boards and donating to finding a cure for ALS.

From Len Brassard's Family Martial Arts Center:

We are helping to "Kick"start the "Kevin Thompson Board Breaking Challenge and ALS Awareness Campaign"

For a $5 donation we are inviting everyone to come break a board and help to raise money to fund research for a cure for ALS. We will be collecting donations through Friday April 17th 2015. If anyone is interested in supporting this cause (student or not) please contact Len Brassard's Family Martial Arts Center at 978-342-9911 or visit http://www.fitchburgkarate.com/ for more information on where we are located.

To all of the martial arts school owners in our network we encourage you to challenge your students to do the same!

Thank you very much for your support! #BreakthroughALS

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