Friday, February 6, 2015

Moaning about the Banshees

Fantastical Friday:
 Fairy or Faery addition

The Banshee is known in modern days as a wraith like woman who moans till her victims come closer and then she turns up the volume and keens till they die from the pain of her sounds.

This however is a misconception. Original Irish folk lore has it that Banshee means 'woman of the mound'. So in turn may only just mean a female faery.

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Later the meaning of Banshee was lent to a woman spirit who would mourn the soon passing of a family member. She does not cause the death by a curse or her own wailing, merely foretells the coming demise.

The banshee was later linked to the Washer Woman who did infact kill through her keening cries.

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