Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year, But what is New?

We have come to 2013.  Most of us have not seen the end of the world.  Life goes on.  There was no Zombie apocalypse, no disaster of some strange planet X coming to wreak havoc on the land. No, our doom will be as it always was. Of our own making.

So as we enter the new year most of us are hoping to change something about ourselves or what not.  How about we just stick to what we already have.  Why change?  Why try to make things 'better' for yourself when it may not make you happy. Having more money wont make things easier, it will just create more bills. Having lost weight wont make you healthier unless you drastically change everything you do and eat.  So let's face it.  We all want to be happy and we all have some wacky idea of what will get us there.

Just don't forget what you already have.  What makes you happy?  Have you paid attention to those things around you that make life worth living.  Stop and just look around for a moment.  The best things in life are free, and most of the time, right in front of you.

Myself.  I don't have any resolutions.  This year will be like any other.  I will spend time with my family and enjoy what I can with the time I have.  I will go to work and take home just enough to keep the roof over my head, the food in my belly, and the internet on my computer.  I will write, and write some more.  I will keep doing the things I love. If I find other things that make me happy, I will try to add them to my already busy life.

I hope everyone finds at least one thing to appreciate when they open their eyes every day.  I know I will be.  Thanks for reading.

May every journey you take end with a smile.

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