Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Pine Grove

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The forest seemed to darken with each step.  Voices sounded all around me, birds and something else.  I couldn't understand the words that floated just beyond the trees.  My heart fluttered and I wrung my hands together.  It wasn't a good idea to cross that bridge but the damage had been done.  I would have to see this through.  Cursing my curiosity I kept walking.  The canopy held back most of the sun's rays, leaving a constant twilight to press on my shoulders.

I stepped into a pine grove.  The sun broke through the towering trees, bringing the daylight back.  I sighed and moved forward with quick steps.  A hush fell around me.  No birds, no voices, I would think my ears had been filled with cotton, if it weren't for the sound of my own foot steps.  I slowed, my heart pounding in my chest.

The light of the sun grew brighter.  I closed my eyes against the blaze.  Black spots against my lids blinked in and out of my vision.

"Welcome Mundane." The voice came.  This time I could hear her better.  I opened my eyes slowly, blinking against the glaring light surrounding me.  I got a glimpse of wings and a face with flowing white hair.  Tears streamed down my face. So much beauty, it was painful to behold. "You have crossed into the land of magic."

"M... Magic? I just crossed a bridge." I said.

"The Bridge of Worlds my dear.  You have entered the land that none can leave. You have chosen to remain as you are."

"I chose? What?" I turned from one side to the other.  The light was too fierce against my eyes.  I saw nothing but white feathers and eyes. "When?"

"Your test on the path.  My guard has deemed you worthy to choose your form for the rest of eternity."

A dream, this must be a dream.  What was I thinking to cross that bridge?  No one had ever returned.  Why did I think I was different? I closed my eyes, only to open them again to the face.  Ever changing, her features remained indistinguishable, even as she kept her wondrous visage.   

The voice seemed closer.  It whispered into my ear. "Do you still wish to be Mundane, or will you join the fae in everlasting magic? It is your choice. You gave my guard no reason to call you unworthy."

My choice.  Well I chose the only thing I could think of.  I mean, what would you choose? "Magic."

The world turned into a million colors.  Lights and diamonds sparkled before me, around me.  It was warm, soft, like comforting blankets wrapping around me.

When I could see again, the light was gone.  The pine grove was again as it was when I walked into it.  The sounds returned around me. Birds sang and the voices had words to go with them. "Welcome mistress. Welcome!"

I had become one of them and I was home.

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