Saturday, July 7, 2012

Una the Mystic

I've been playing around with my secondary character, Una.

She's been tapping on my brain to come out and I can not draw to save my life.  I did try, it wasn't pretty.  So I bought some modeling clay and got to work.  I may do another try, to see if I can get her arms and legs to come out better.  The arms are covered by her robes and her feet... yeah they suck.  At least you can't see how bad the legs came out.  

Anyway, here she is.  

The face came out better than what I expected, but with some practice I may be able to get out more detail, like her scales and the fact that her ridges on the top of her head have a plume of feathers coming out.  Not to mention she needs to be Purple and the robe red.  Over all I'm happy with her.  

  Here's a little nerd info for you.  I pictured in my mind what a dragon looked like if crossed with a cloner (Kamino) from Star Wars.  Yup, something like that.


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    1. I'm working on bringing out more of her personality this weekend, I'm hoping every one will love her. Or, at least understand where she's coming from.