Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Writers Wednesday: Inspiration

Everyone drives inspiration from somewhere.  Whether for writing, painting, architecture, or any other creative outlet. There is always an idea hovering around to be plucked and used in some other form.

So here is my idea for my writing friends.  Take what inspiration you usually feed your muse with, and put it away.  Now look for something different.  An old building crumbling from years of neglect, it has a story waiting to be told.  How about a old history lesson.  You heard about all the wars of the world, every living creature had a story through it.  Look for something different then your normal go-to.

Here's a link for 31 ways to find Inspiration.
and a link to some more links cause sometimes surfing the web is the way to go.

Life is a very diverse thing, and so too are we.

He told me that he wanted to hold the world in his hands. I thought that was silly when whoever controls the sun controls not just this world but all that are near it.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Could you move to something else and still have your muse dancing on your shoulder? I wold love to hear your thoughts!


  1. My mind is like an octopus! I rarely know when inspiration is going to reach out and grab something, it just happens, and all of the time! : ) I am trying to focus on a certain project, but I am always captivated by my muses charms...when she speaks, I usually have to listen, and go where the leading takes me! : )

  2. That's the best kind of mind. Some only venture to look at what they know, unable to reach to different levels of inspiration.

    Remember, always listen to your muse, especially when she's shouting. :D

    Thanks so much for visiting Quay!

  3. This is a great image!

    I hope you don't mind but I have included it in an article I have written for kids about nuclear fusion.I have also included a link back to your website.

    You can view the article here at

    Regards, Steve